Alert1 Named Best Medical Alert of 2018 by Modern Senior Magazine

EMSY Winner 2018


The title says it all - we are excited to announce that we were chosen as the Best Medical Alert of 2018 by Modern Senior Magazine!

Modern Senior Magazine’s annual EMSY Awards spotlight some of their favorite products and services of the year. According to their website, “EMSY Awards” stands for “Excellence in Modern Senior Yearly Awards”. We enjoy reading Modern Senior Magazine because of their broad focus on everything that might interest today’s seniors.

Every year we love to see what Modern Senior Magazine highlights in their EMSY Awards. This year they gave awards to Pokémon Go, Black Bear Diner, Ozzie and Mae’s, “Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse”, and us here at Alert1 Medical Alerts.

Best Medical Alert of 2018: Alert1 Medical Alerts!

Woman demonstrates Alert1 Medical Alert

Thank you Modern Senior Magazine! We are honored to be chosen as their Best Medical Alert of 2018. In their generous review, they talked about everything from our prices and promotions to what it’s like to press our help button. They had a few specific callouts that we’d like to respond to.

·         A “clear and easy-to-navigate website”. In their review, Modern Senior Magazine noted that our new and upgraded website is easier than ever to use.

We have found that the medical alert industry tends to have complicated websites that make it hard to compare products and pricing, and competitors have hidden fees and long-term contracts that you don’t learn about until far too late. Or they make you jump through hoops to even learn what their pricing is.

Here at Alert1 we are dedicated to making our website as clear and easy to understand as possible. No need to get a quote in order to find out information about what we sell. You will find all of the information about our products, pricing, and terms on our website. No hidden fees or long-term contracts here!

 ·         “Friendly salespeople who are not pushy or rude”. Modern Senior Magazine praised their experience in talking with our Senior Care Specialists over the phone. We are lucky to have amazing people on our team, and we are so glad that the people who call us are enjoying talking with them! 

We know what it’s like to deal with pushy sales people – and that’s an experience no one enjoys. Our Alert1 representatives are here for you. When you call us, you can expect us to speak with a friendly medical alert expert who is there to guide you to the medical alert system that works with your needs.

There’s a reason you choose a medical alert. It is for the personalized emergency response and an experience that is tailored for you and your needs. It is for the people on the other end of the line when you call our sales team or when you press your help button. We are a service, not just a product. Don’t you want the experience of buying your medical alert to be just as excellent as your experience using it? We do! Don’t go through a terrible sales process when it can be smooth and easy with Alert1.

·         “We would trust them to take good care of us in an emergency”. Our Command Center is where the magic of a medical alert happens. It is who you talk to when you press your help button. They are the ones that help you in an emergency. We are so glad to hear that Modern Senior Magazine thought their experience “was a breeze”!

When you press your help button, you are connected to our UL-listed and US-based Command Center. These trained experts have access to the contacts in your Circle of Care, and can call the person best suited to your emergency. That could be your neighbor, a family member, or even 911 directly. The Command Center will stay on the line with you until help arrives. We are one of the only, if not the only, medical alert company who stays on the line the entire time you need them. You will not be left alone in your time of need with an Alert1 Medical Alert.

·         “They’ve even added a quiz that helps to figure out which medical alert is best for you.” Modern Senior Magazine knows their stuff! We know that choosing a medical alert can be difficult with so many options. If you give us a call, one of our Senior Care Specialists can help walk you through our range of products. But if you prefer to stay online, you can take our quiz, which can guide you to the medical alert that best suits your needs.

When choosing a medical alert, the first step is to identify where you want to be protected. Do you just want to be protected in and around your home? Or would you prefer a device that you can carry with you anywhere? Once you make that decision, then you get to decide if you want fall detection or not. With fall detection, your help button can automatically call for help if it senses a fall. Decided on those two things? Tada! That’s all you need to narrow down which product will be best for you. 

Trusted by Modern Senior Magazine

Thank you Modern Senior Magazine, for your high praise! We plan to continue to improve as we go through 2019. We are dedicated to making sure that the seniors in our lives can live independently, and that those of us that love them can live without worrying about their safety. Click here for the full review of Alert1 Medical Alerts on Modern Senior Magazine’s website. Make sure to check out what they say about their other EMSY Awards of the year!