Alert1 Cares: Donations and Bears

Seniors giving baby a bear

What an incredible year 2016 was! Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to reflect on and appreciate all the good things that happened in 2016. Your favorite memories may have been spending quality time with your family, or giving the perfect gift to a dear friend. Whatever your moments may be, remember to cherish those memories and start 2017 off strong.

Here at Alert1, we ended the year with charitable donations and a lot of bears.

Back in December, Alert1 partnered with the YMCA to create great memories and give back to the community. And it could not have gone better. We donated $5,000 to the Williamsport YMCA Silver Sneakers program! Not only that, Alert1 donated hundreds of teddy bears to children and members all over the United States. 


Line of teddy bears

For every medical alert sold in December, Alert1 donated two bears. One bear was given to a child at the YMCA and the other to the member who purchased the system. 

In addition to donating bears, we also helped support the YMCA Toys for Tots drive. For every toy that was donated to the Toys for Tots drive, Alert1 donated one dollar to the YMCA’s Silver Sneaker program. We were able to encourage toy donations and raise $5,000 for a great cause.

Both fundraisers were a huge success! To celebrate the success, we held a special event called Breakfast and Bears.

Breakfast and Bears

Giant Check YMCA

Alert1 wanted to give back not only to its amazing members, but to senior citizens and children everywhere. At our Breakfast and Bears event, we invited Alert1 members and local seniors to distribute teddy bears to the kids in YMCA’s childcare center in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

We kicked off the event by presenting our donation of $5,000 to the YMCA Silver Sneakers Program. The Silver Sneakers Program provides fitness classes for seniors. The money we donated will be used to buy equipment for the classes.  We want to encourage an active lifestyle, keeping seniors healthy and happy! 

Let the Fun Begin

Lady sitting in chair giving a bear

After presenting the donation, we gathered the seniors to pass out the teddy bears. You could sense the excitement in the air when it was time to bring the kids in.

As the doors opened you could hear the wheels of the cribs squeaking. There was a group “aww” as the cribs came into sight.

And then there was an explosion of cuteness...

Armed with fluffy bears, the seniors lined up to hand off the bears to the children. Every child was thrilled to have their own cuddly bear to play with. The seniors loved playing with the children. They were overwhelmed with joy when they saw the children’s face light up. 

Everyone in the room was smiling from ear to ear. Afterwards, we all joined together for a breakfast of donuts, muffins, juice, and coffee.

At the end of the day, everyone, even the seniors, went home with a bear of their own. The YMCA kids, local Williamsport seniors, and every new member who ordered in December all received bears. The country is officially covered with Alert1 teddy bears!

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Seniors giving baby a bear to baby on floor

Breakfast and Bears was a huge success.  It was Alert1’s first ever event and we are very proud of the great work we accomplished. We care deeply about our members at Alert1 and want to give back to them whenever we can. Giving back to our members means more than just providing high quality products. When you join the Alert1 family, we promise to give you peace of mind, keep you safe, and save lives.

Reduce your worry and be proactive in the New Year by showing your loved ones that you care about them.  Alert1 understands the challenges of aging and the stress it causes on their family members. We know that it can feel like a loss of independence for them.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  A medical alert device can help them regain that independence and ease your worry. 

There are plenty of devices to choose from that are easy to use and come with 24/7 protection.  Our PAX Plus alert system  comes with mobile and home fall detection pendants. There are also plenty of other accessories, like our Medication Reminder to choose from.

It’s Never Too Early to Show You Care

Seniors holding teddy bears

We love seeing our members stay active in their community and joining them for great causes. Given the great success of Breakfast and Bears, we want to have more Alert1 events. You can look forward to more events like this in 2017.

Alert1 had a great 2016 and we hope you did too. We had our first fundraising event, gave out bears to children and seniors, and donated $5,000 dollars to the YMCA Silver Sneakers program.

It truly was a wonderful year, and we know 2017 will bring even more smiles to us all.