What’s Your Excuse for Not Staying Healthy?

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We all make excuses from time to time. Why is thinking of an excuse to eat some pizza instead of going to your spin class so easy? We feel there’s not enough time in the day, exercising is boring, or we are just too tired. And the biggest excuse for not eating healthy? “Healthy food doesn’t taste as good.” As valid as these excuses are, they’re not good enough to justify living an unhealthy lifestyle.

It’s not too late to change your ways. Considering that good health is one of the most important aspects in life, it only makes sense to take care of it. With small modifications to your daily routine, you can go from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one with minimal effort. Taking these baby steps will bring you closer to being healthier and happier.

"I Don’t Have Time"

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Many people make New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, but few actually start. They don't often follow through, but it’s clear they have the intention to get healthier. But as you know, results come from actions—not intentions.

Most people who give up on their resolutions attribute this failure to a lack of available time. There are not enough hours in the day when there are crucial things to take care of. Maybe those gutters are long overdue for a cleaning. Perhaps you need to spend time with your aging parents.

Understandably, you have many things going on in your life. But you don’t have to switch one thing out for another, you have to change your routine.

There are plenty of ways to fit exercise into your daily routine without taking extra time out of your day:

  • Park your car on the highest level of the garage and nix the elevator. Use the stairs to get in a little cardio and work those glutes!
  • When you wake up, do 5 minutes of light stretching. It’s amazing how a little bit of stretching can improve your posture and core strength.
  • If you live close to your work, bike instead of drive. In addition to being fit, you will have the added bonus of beating the cars stuck in traffic.
  • Instead of calling your friends to chat, visit them. Do it the old fashioned way by walking to their house.
  • While cleaning the house, put on your favorite tunes and dance. Dancing is a form of exercise that makes cleaning more bearable.

"I’m Too Tired"

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Many people do not want to exercise after a long day at work. You’re so tired from work that the thought of exerting any more energy baffles you. At that point, going home, laying on the couch, and turning on the TV is the only thing that sounds appealing. But, why do something that will only make you more tired?

You may feel like you are tired and sleep deprived. But, if you have gotten at least 7 hours of sleep, your body is ready to exercise.  Studies have proven that exercise increases your energy levels. When you exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, your body will feel re-energized. Imagine what else you can accomplish in your day once you revitalize yourself.

Not only will consistent exercise boost your energy levels, it can better your mood too. Working out is a great way to take your mind off thoughts that stress you. A kickboxing class will help you punch out your frustrations while releasing endorphins. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to your daily workout.  

"It’s Boring"

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If you think working out is “boring,” you haven’t found the right exercise yet!

  • Have you always worked out alone in the past? Try group exercise. Working out with a friend or a group is more entertaining than working out by yourself. Make working out a social activity; this will motivate you to exercise more.
  • Don’t like to run, but want a cardio workout? Join a group cycle class. You’ll be sure to get your blood pumping without needing to hit the pavement.
  • Miss the days when you were part of a school sports team? Try joining a club team. There are many recreational sports teams across the country adults can join.
  • Tired of the same gym environment? Work out in the park a few days a week or go on a rigorous hike.

There are many different ways you can spice up the way you work out. Never again make the excuse that exercise is dull. 

"Healthy Food Doesn’t Taste Good"

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Many Americans grow up eating processed foods. It’s no wonder why diets high in salt, fat, and sugar feel normal to our bodies. When you only eat these types of food, anything that doesn’t have similar levels of salt and sugar will not taste as good.

For example, when some foreigners eat American food it repulses them. Their taste buds aren’t used to foods high in fat, sugar and salt—so they don’t enjoy it.

But, did you know that you can retrain your taste buds to enjoy healthy foods? Our bodies are addicts when it comes to consuming fat, sodium, and cholesterol. If you cut down your diet of processed foods and desserts, you will no longer have those cravings. Studies show that it only takes 6-8 weeks to change your taste buds’ preferences.

If you don’t think healthy food tastes good, you just haven’t found the right recipes for you. Healthy food does not have to be synonymous with bland food. We at Alert1 have a variety of healthy recipes we love. Try our Fish Taco Rice Bowls or Quinoa Fig Salad, which are both delicious and good for you. 

No More Excuses

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We are only given one body, so take care of it. If you don’t live the healthiest lifestyle now, it is not too late to start. You can live a more fulfilling life by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

Each of these adjustments are easy to make. Once you start making small changes, you will find that your quality of life improves considerably.