About James Lester

James Lester

James is a marketing intern who recently graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay. He has a degree in business information technologies and e-commerce.  James also spent a semester studying abroad in Tokyo and earned a minor in Japanese language and culture. 

Born and raised in the bay area, James always seemed to have a strong interest in learning about the world. He loved trying new things and had a wide variety of hobbies growing up such as: soccer, guitar, animation, film, and photo editing. This yearning for new experiences sparked his interest in Japan and eventually inspired him to study in Tokyo for a semester.  

Upon his return from Japan, he discovered his interest in marketing and decided to pursue a career in that field. Now at Alert1, James has an outlet where he can put his business creativity and technology skills to good use.

James has always loved music; his grandfather was a classical pianist and encouraged him to play classical guitar when he was a child. His grandfather was also a nuclear physicist who forced James and his brother to complete math problems growing up. James was very close to his grandparents and values the quality time spent together.

Although he does play classical music in honor of his grandfather, he prefers playing rock and roll with his friends.  He tries to go to as many shows as possible and likes a wide range of genres.  Some of the most memorable performances he has seen are The Who, Lady Gaga, and Weird Al Yankovic.

In his free time, James likes going to the movies, weight training, and reading. His favorite genre is comedy and he enjoys reading nonfiction.  James loves any film with Ryan Gosling in it and highly recommends the musical La La Land. A couple of his favorite books are Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature and Brian Greene’s The Fabric of the Cosmos.

When the sun is out you can find him at the beach or going on a hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He also loves camping at Big Sur and exploring the nearby forests and beaches.

His favorite thing about Alert1 is helping keep families safe. James understands the difficulty of caring for loved ones when times are hard, and knows that it is the little things that count the most.  Easing the worried minds of families can seem impossible at times, but Alert1 helps to reduce that worry.


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