13 Medical Alert System Terms You Should Know

Updated 1/22/2020 2:24pm | Alert1 knows medical alert system shopping can be hard. When you’re shopping around, you’re bound to come across some unfamiliar lingo. But rest easy – hiring a tech geek is not required. You can navigate this process on your own.

From company research to how it works to easy installation, we’ve got you covered. If you get familiar with these terms, you’re sure to be an informed buyer.

1. Medical Alert System

Alert1 Medical Alert Home System

Medical alert systems for seniors are communication devices used in the event of an emergency. The Alert1 medical alert system ensures protection and independence in your own home. Whether you have a medical emergency, a home invasion, or anything else, help will be on the way. Alert1’s 24/7 monitoring activates with a simple button push. 

2. The Help Button

Alert1 Medical Alert Wristband Help Button

The help button allows you to one touch access to aid. Help buttons are also known as a call button or an alert pendant. The button is 100% showerproof, so you can wear them in the shower. The Alert1 help button is compatible with a range of fashionable accessories to help you wear your alarm in style. 

3. Safety Protocol

A safety protocol, also known as your personalized response, is a pre-planned course of action. Safety protocols keep you and your family prepared in the event of an emergency.  Your Alert1 safety protocol creates a plan for you to age in place. You tell us what you would like done once you press the button. For example, if you don’t want us to call 911 right away then we can call your Circle of Care and emergency contacts instead. When Alert1 needs to call 911, we can also notify contacts of your choosing and keep them aware of the situation. The Alert1 protocol is customizable to our members’ needs.

4. Base Station

Alert1 Home Base Station

When pushed, the help button activates the base station. The base station is the two-way communication machine. This plugs into a power outlet and a telephone jack. The base station, oralarm console, is what connects you to an alert system representative when you signal for help. The microphones are sensitive so our responders will hear you from across the room. Synonymous with “Peace Of Mind (POM)” unit which was a term coined by our founder. 

5. Installation

Installation is setting up the base station in your home. It entails connecting your landline or wireless phone service to our Alert1 command center. Alert1’s medical alert system setupis easy and hassle free. Most members prefer to install the system themselves and save on any unneeded installation fees. 

6. Member Care

Alert1 Senior and Caregiver Smiling

Member Care is the team of Alert1 customer service representatives. They are available to help you with your senior medical alert system. If you have questions about your account or need help troubleshooting, Member Care is there to help. At Alert1, our members are like family and we treat them as such. 

7. Great Ratings

Alert1 stands out in the industry for quality care. We are proud of our accreditation with the BBB and a high customer satisfaction rating on Consumer Affairs. We also have been the #1 choice for Modern Senior Magazine in their annual EMSY awards. 

8. Monitoring Center

Alert1 Monitoring Center

When you push your button, the emergency monitoring center is there to help. The trained agents will communicate with you through the base station. Each qualified responder acts and assesses every possible situation to get our members the help they need.

Also, we know our members come from many different backgrounds. We want you to be safe no matter what language you speak. The responders at Alert1’s monitoring center speak many languages.

Alert1’s 24/7 monitoring centers are TMA Diamond Certified. The TMA certification process ensures that each center meets only the highest standards.

9. Circle of Care

Elderly Couple Alert1 Circle of Care

Your Circle of Care is the group of people you trust and seek during emergencies. These contacts can also include any other responders you choose.

In an emergency, Alert1’s qualified responders contact your Circle of Care in the order that you choose. You can change the list at any time.  Alert1 can also contact emergency medical personnel if you need us to. 

10. Constant Care

Medical alert systems provide constant care, also called constant monitoring. This means nonstop access to emergency care. Alert1’s method of constant care means unlimited button pushes and 24/7 monitoring. Alert1 encourages you to test out your medical alert system often. This way, you know that your constant monitoring is working and are comfortable using it.

11. Fall Detection

Alert1 Fall Detection Pendant

Alert1 now offers fall detection on both In Home and On The Go devices.  No one can predict when a fall will occur. Wearing your fall detection pendant, you will never have to worry about what will happen if you do.  This pendant uses three key features to send a signal automatically that you need help.  Increase in speed, impact, and then no movement.

Once the pendant senses a fall, it will automatically call our monitoring center to let them know you need assistance.  Fall detection does not detect 100% of falls - we recommend always pressing the help button in an emergency.


12. Range

The senior medical alert range, or signal range is how far the alarm button works from the base unit. When it comes to range, Alert1 has the farthest in the business. Your help button is covered within 600 ft of your base station. This is around the size of two football fields, so you can wander your home at your convenience. The broad coverage range allows you to age in place with peace of mind. 

13. Spousal Coverage

Spousal Coverage With Alert1 Medical Alarms

Many seniors age in place with their spouse or partner. Alert1 offers spouse monitoring, or companion service, at a discounted rate. This way, both of you will have access to the same Alert1 membership privileges.

This means double the 24/7 monitoring and the unlimited button pushes. You are able to use the same base unit at home or each have your very own On-The-Go button to use.  You and your loved one can age in place protected.


Good news! Now that you’re familiar with medical alert system terminology, you’ve got a solid grasp on how it all works. Go ahead – do the research on other brands. We’re confident you’ll return to Alert1. Don’t forget to ask about our popular fall detection medical alert