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Make Your Home Senior Friendly

Every day, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65. The need to make a home senior-friendly is becoming increasingly important as life expectancy rises along with the higher rates of retirement.

With "aging in place" the new and desired way to spend your senior years, it is important to take the proper steps to ensure your home remains a safe environment as you age.

Converting your home to be senior-friendly doesn’t have to break the budget. You can make simple changes around your home to lower the chance of an accidental fall. Many of these modifications are relatively cheap and easy. Here are some senior-friendly changes that can be made in and around the home:

  • Install grab bars in the bathroom: According to the National Institute of Aging, 80% of falls occur in the bathroom. Install grab bars in the shower to make entering and exiting easier. With the potential for slippery floors, finicky shower heads, and leaky faucets, installing grab bars will greatly reduce the chance of a fall. You can also add grab bars next to the toilet for comfort and extra peace of mind.
  • Tuck cords out of the walkway: Since the advent of technology we have had wires running haphazardly throughout the house. Keeping wires out of walkways will greatly reduce your chance of a trip or fall. Grommets, wire ties, and tacks can help you pin down any messy wires. And organizing your wires won’t break the bank either—grommets, wire ties, and tacks won’t cost you more than a few bucks.
  • Clean up any water spills in the bathroom or kitchen: The bathroom and kitchen can be fraught with hard-to-see puddles that can lead to a tragic slip. A few minutes to clean the kitchen or bathroom each day will save you the potential of a life-changing fall.
  • Set up a nightstand with all your essentials:  Keeping all your items in one central place will reduce the chance of losing something and walking all over your house to find it. Make sure to keep a medical alert system handy on your nightstand. Having quick access to help in case of the unthinkable is the ultimate senior-safe addition to your home.
  • Be cautious when maneuvering through the house with a pet: Owning pets, though they’re our loved companions, pose risks and challenges. Take a mobile medical alert with you on your next walk with your dog, just in case your dog becomes unruly. Be careful of slippery spills around your pet’s food and water bowls. Consider installing a dog gate to limit your pet to only certain rooms in the house.

In addition to making the above changes in and around the home, choosing a medical alert device is a great way to maintain your independence and safety while aging in place. The infographic below visualizes the different ways you can make your home senior-friendly.

You deserve to live in a safe haven, not a danger zone. Take use of these simple steps so you can age in place gracefully in a senior-safe home.