Hakuna Matata: Make Preparing For Summer Easy

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Updated 9/14/2015 11:31 am | “Hakuna Matata! It means no worries for the rest of your days!” 

Uh-oh! You just entered your backyard. You look down at where your feet should be. The grass is so overgrown that it covers your shoes and continues past your ankles. The once beautiful garden of blooming flowers and your favorite veggies is just a couple of worthless mounds of dirt. The gutters are so stuffed with dried up leaves and debris that they are completely unable to do their job.

Summer visits are around the corner. Your grandchildren will be out of school soon and coming to visit you. You want to be prepared for your family to stay.

Alert1 wants you to remember the saying “Hakuna Matata.” You are at a point in your life when you do not need to be doing these tasks by yourself. Consider hiring a caregiver help you to ease your duties. 

The summer to do list

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After spending a brief moment in the backyard, you can see your ‘To Do’ list growing. You add to your list:

Scared to look around the inside of your house now?

You notice your fingers collecting dust as they run down the entertainment center. You enter the rooms that your family will occupy – they are cold and dark with the smell of stale air. As you continue to walk through your house you notice the rugs have become dingy. You never noticed this before, but the rugs are in need of a good shampoo.

You add some indoor tasks to your to-do list:

  • Dusting around the house
  • Switching the linens in the guest rooms and airing it out
  • Shampooing the rugs

You have your list. Now what?

Should you hire a caregiver to help you?

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Hiring people to help you with the house cleaning will make it easier for you to enjoy the changing seasons. By allowing others to help you prepare your home for summer, you will be able to age in place in peace. You will have more time to spend with family

No one is trying to take your independence away. Embrace the Hakuna Matata lifestyle and hire the right people to support you while aging in place. Ask your neighbors - there’s probably a local teen who would love to help you out. You can always put your family to work too! Why not take advantage of the help if you can get it?

Divvying the tasks at hand, you can ensure your safety and keep a minimal stress level for everyone. You will get to choose how you spend your day because that to-do list doesn’t have your name at the top. You will be able to join in all the fun and excitement when the family arrives! 

Living with Hakuna Matata

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This is the time to create the memories that the grandchildren will remember about their childhood. Don’t spend this time thinking about the next item on that to-do list while you’re with your family. Delegate these tasks you can enjoy your day lounging on the porch drinking an Arnold Palmer.

By preparing your home for the summer now, it will be easy to relax through the summer months. Make this summer about aging in place the way you choose. Alert1 can give you the freedom that you deserve. Can you taste the Arnold Palmer yet?

With Alert1 YOU can get the Hakuna Matata experience

If you choose to stay indoors, stay worry-free with a senior medical alert system. Alert1’s auto fall detection system will protect you if an event that leaves you needing help.

If the car is running and you’re ready to drive, take our mobile medical alert, Kelsi, with you so you can continue on your daily routine in safety.

Alert1 will ease your worries of needing care. We will get you the help you need at any given time, day or night. No matter where you are in the United States. Plus, we don't lock you into a long term contract and we are cheaper when compared to the costs of Life Alert.

You have spent much of your life taking care of others. This time, take care of your needs first. The time to enjoy your life is now! Adding the extra support to your life will only give you time to appreciate the little things again. 

Hakuna Matata!