5 End-of-Summer Activities for Seniors

Picking Apples With Alert1 Seniors

The seasons are shifting yet again. The days are growing shorter and the temperature is beginning to drop, allowing for a new range of senior-friendly activities. The end of the summer brings with it some of the best weather America experiences, and if you’re eager to get outside, we don’t blame you.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it harder to be out and about, but we’re entering one of the best seasons for spending time outside – the days remain long, but they’re not too hot. Moderate temperatures are far safer for seniors, which means you’ll have access to a wider variety of options. But what does it mean for an activity to be senior friendly, especially amid a pandemic? We have a few ideas to help guide you to the best, safest, and most fun end-of-summer activity for you.

If you decide to head out and enjoy the late-August air, just be sure to bring along your medical alert system. Accidents are impossible to predict, and even though the end of the summer safer for seniors to be outside, emergencies aren’t always preventable. A medical alert system is the easiest way to ensure safety while still enjoying the beautiful weather. Plus, the mobile medical alert system options from Alert1 are both easy to bring on the go and are priced lower than standard Life Alert costs.

Late Summer Senior Activities

Driving Down Memory Lane At The Drive In

Safety should be easier to maintain during the late-summer months. Temperatures are dropping, which means there are fewer opportunities for elderly folks to experience dehydration and sun-related illnesses. Still, you’ll want to remain cautious when choosing your activities. Here are a few of our favorite senior-friendly options.

  • Go fruit picking. Late summer marks the end of peach season and the start of apple season. With cooler temperatures comes a reduced risk with spending extended periods of time outside, making this a safe activity. See what fruit is in your area, check up on social distancing guidelines, and head out for a few hours of fruit picking fun. Don’t forget your mobile medical alert system!
  • Take your reading outside. We usually discourage reading outside during the dog days of summer. The temperatures are too hot, the sun is too direct, and the whole experience can be unpleasant. However, August brings more tolerable temperatures, allowing you to spend hours in the shade without overheating. Grab your favorite book, bring a blanket, and set up an area under a tree in your favorite park.
  • Go to a drive-in movie. Movie theaters across the country are brainstorming strategies to bring feature films to local audiences. As a result, many theaters have turned their parking lots into drive-ins. Theaters have also begun playing older films, tapping into the nostalgia of the drive-in experience. For the first time in a while, there may be a movie playing that you want to see!
  • Go for a (short) hike. If you’re able to, spend some time on a local hiking or running trail. Ideally, you should do this with a person in your quarantine bubble. If you don’t have friends or family willing to do the activity with you, assess your personal ability. If you’re confident in taking the walk alone, just remember to take your mobile medical alert system.
If the weather is still too hot and sunny where you live, we also have a resource for senior-friendly summer activities