Tips for Staying in Touch with Distant Family

Strategies To Help Keeping In Touch

Studies show that seniors experience loneliness more than any other age group. The coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated senior loneliness, limiting physical interaction older adults have with their families. Now, seniors are turning to technology to stay in touch with loved ones. Saying hello through a screen is never as satisfying as giving somebody a hug, but developments in communication technology have made video calls easier than ever. 

Unfortunately, most devices used for communication are not senior friendly. They utilize touch screens, require lengthy set-up processes, and have too-small buttons that some might struggle to use. Below, you’ll find strategies for using these devices, staying in touch with family, and some senior-friendly alternatives to standard iPhone and laptop use. 

That said, it is important to remember that medical alert systems are an essential connection for seniors and their families. Whether your family lives down the street or across the country, a medical alert system medical is an essential connection to your friends and family if you get into trouble or have a specific emergency. You can have your family called in non-emergencies. If it is an emergency, the Command Center will keep your Circle of Care call list updated on the situation.

Practice Using Video Calls

The pandemic has driven millions of people around the world onto video call and messaging platforms. Tools like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Facebook Video Calling allow families to communicate via the Internet, and they are available on both cell phones and laptops. If you want to put in some face time with a close friend or family member, spend some time playing around with your chosen tool. For seniors, we recommend using Facebook Video Calling. You won’t have to download an additional software or add family usernames. Just log into Facebook, pull up your loved one’s profile, and click the small camera icon to launch the program. 

Try Blogging

Blogging can be a fun way for seniors to reflect on their experiences while also providing updates to friends and family. This writing can turn into a wonderful pastime and a great creative outlet, especially if you’re looking for a way to express the way you feel about recent world events. WordPress offers an easy way for seniors to get started, and Tumblr allows seniors to both write their own content and follow other blogs. Choose the platform you most enjoy and start writing. 

Invest in a Senior-Friendly Tech Product

Showing Grandmom How To Use A Smart Phone

Investing in a senior-friendly device can make video and voice calling a lot easier. Technology can feel inaccessible to seniors, but some companies are working to create devices that work with senior needs. GrandPad, for example, is a simplified tablet with large buttons and text. It also includes added security features to prevent spammers from hacking your accounts. Smart2 is also a great option for seniors needing cell phones. It has large buttons and are tailored to older adults who need an easier interface. 

Medical Alert Systems

While not the most obvious option, medical alert systems can provide essential emergency communication to friends and family. Sometimes, an emergency might not warrant a 911 call – the best option may be to contact a close friend or family member. If this is the case, a medical alert system can still be beneficial. With the push of the button, a responder can connect you to a pre-determined contact.