Radio Recliner Allows Senior DJs to Connect

Alert1 Senior Listening and Dancing to Music

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, seniors around the country are struggling to connect with loved ones, friends, and family. But, back in April, some seniors saw this as an opportunity to connect. Rather than meeting in person, these seniors decided to unite over air waves. Radio airwaves, to be more specific. 

In assisted-living facilities, retirement communities, and nursing homes around the country, seniors are finding solace in a program called Radio Recliner. This online radio station gives seniors an opportunity to play the music they love, discuss their favorite tracks, and talk to friends. A shining light in a dark time, Radio Recliner can improve your loved one’s wellbeing and quality of life. All they need to do is tune in.

What is Radio Recliner?

Radio Recliner is a new online radio station. A self-described “pirate radio station,” the programming is run by Resident DJs who live at senior living communities across America. The program began as a way to stay connected while confined to individual rooms during the pandemic. New shows air at noon EDT every day. Those who want to listen in should simply press the big, white “play” button at the top of the station’s website.

The Resident DJ changes daily, and listeners can scroll through the ever-growing list. From “DJ Regular Ol’ Nancy” to “DJ Jammin’ Gem,” you can tell that these residents have a blast. You and your loved one can join the fun by listening in or signing up to be a Resident DJ for a future time slot. This is a great way for seniors to stay connected during this time in isolation. They won’t need to leave their rooms to enjoy curating and playing a full radio set. 

How to Get Your Loved One Involved

There are several ways for seniors to get involved. Listeners can call in to dedicate a song to someone they’re missing, then hear that song played on air. Older adults can also sign up to be Resident DJs. Just call the number listed on their website (855-863-0050) to start the process. Seniors can also sign up for the program’s email newsletter, which is an easy way to keep in touch with other Resident DJs. 

Using a Medical Alert System as a Steppingstone

Turn Up The Volume And Reconnect With Radio Recliner!

Radio Recliner is an online radio station, which means your loved one will need access to a streaming service. In most cases, this requires a smart phone or computer. While Radio Recliner is made for seniors by seniors, most technology isn’t. This means your senior might be hesitant to try listening in. If you’re having trouble, we recommend using a medical alert system to ease them into more complicated technology. Medical alert systems, like those from Alert1, are designed specifically for ease of use. We understand the challenges seniors face when it comes to technology, and we think our medical alert systems address those needs. Plus, our prices are lower than typical Life Alert costs, leaving some space in the budget to invest in a streaming device.