Best Side Job Ideas for Seniors

Senior Man Walking The Dog

Getting a side job can be a great experience for seniors. As we’ve written about before, there are a number of benefits to working after retirement, including bolstering financial security, remaining socially and physically active, and continuing to keep the mind sharp. But once you decide to pick up a part-time job, which options should you prioritize? 

Regardless of whether you work at a grocery store or a as a pet-sitter, you should make health and safety your priority. The easiest way to do that is to invest in a medical alert system, like the devices offered from Alert1. These tools allow you near-instant access to emergency personnel no matter where you are – at home, running errands, or on the job. Faster than dialing a phone and easier than navigating an emergency contact list, medical alert systems from Alert1 can keep you safe while at work.

Easy, Low-Stress Jobs for Seniors

All of the jobs listed below allow seniors to work from the comfort of home and on their own schedules. See if anything we’ve recommended suits your skills and interests.

  • Rent your spare room. Seniors living in their own houses can earn extra money by renting out a spare bedroom. Long-term renters can post ads for their rooms to Zillow and Craigslist, while those more interested in short-term options can list their properties on services like AirBnb and VRBO. This can also be a great opportunity to socialize.
  • Pet-sit. If you’re still physically active and interested in animals, pet-sitting can be a great opportunity to make some extra cash. Services like Rover can help connect seniors to pet owners in need. You can also choose the type of service to offer – dog-walking, boarding, or house sitting.
  • Get crafty. If you have a creative streak, consider selling your wares in person or online. Flea and farmers’ markets are great spaces for seniors to sell handmade art products. If you’d prefer to work from the comfort of home, you can easily sell items on digital services like Etsy.
  • Become a mock juror. Often lawyers prepare for cases in front of mock juries through mock trials, most of which are now remote. Through services like OnlineVerdict, seniors can sign up to participate in these trials – some of which can be pretty interesting! 

How to Stay Safe with a Medical Alert System

Man Wearing Alert1 Medical Alert While Hiking

Keeping a portable medical alert system can give you the confidence to sign up for a job, no matter which position for which you apply. These systems, like those offered from Alert1, provide near-instant communication with emergency personnel. Should anything happen, either on your commute, on the job, or at home, you’ll have access to care and attention. It’s impossible to predict accidents, but you can always mitigate potential harm.

If you’re not interested in working a part-time job, medical alert systems will still be important as you age. Through wearable pendants and home consoles, these devices can keep you protected and secure, even in the comfort of your own home. Plus, with pricing well below what Life Alert costs, you might not even need to pick up that part-time job.