4 Must-Listen Podcasts for Seniors

Creating A Podcast Perfect For Alert1 Seniors

Podcasts are an increasingly popular form of media enjoyed by people of all ages. In essence, podcasts are pre-recorded radio shows that users can play on demand. Podcasts are often downloaded straight from the podcast website or streamed on podcast hosting apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, and many others. 

Many podcasts focus on news and general interest, but the abundance of creators has made room for niche interests. Specifically, the fast-growing genre of senior-friendly podcasts might have some folks curious. If you’ve been meaning to try listening to a podcast, we recommend starting with any of these four.

This American Life

This American Life was one of the first podcasts to garner a worldwide listenership, commanding nearly 3 million downloads every episode. The stories in this show are created to feature and illustrate a slice of life – whether that means telling the story of a woman crossing the US/Mexican border or a dad learning to be a baseball coach for his kids. All stories in a single episode focus on a central theme, like love, loss, grief, and laughter.

Up First

Up First is a daily news podcast from NPR. Most episodes are between 13 and 15 minutes long, delivering four or five of the country’s top stories for the day. NPR draws on its specialized reporters to bring listeners a mix of stories, from politics to science. If you’re looking for a quick but comprehensive source for morning news, try Up First. Episodes are released at 6 a.m. EST, Monday through Saturday.

Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring is a podcast from Slate, an online news magazine. In each episode, host Willa Paskin tackles a cultural object, question, or habit. In examining its history and cultural significance, she explains what it means and why it matters. Past episodes have told the stories of Rubber Duckies, Bart Simpson, Chuck E. Cheese, and Hotel Art. This podcast is a great way for seniors to examine cultural artifacts from their own pasts and learn about the objects and events shaping today’s history. 

Slow Burn

Another podcast from Slate, Slow Burn takes on some of America’s largest historical events and presents them in a novelesque audio form. Featuring interviews from the people who were at the scene of these events, Slow Burn feels more like an audio documentary than a podcast. Season 5 is currently in the works and will be released in early 2021.

Using Podcast Technology and a Medical Alert System

Listening To Podcasts Through Your Laptop

Podcasts are typically downloaded and streamed, which means you’ll need access to a cell phone or computer to listen in. If you or your senior is skeptical of technology, a medical alert system might be a significant help. Often, technology feels inaccessible to older folks. It’s not that older adults lack patience, but that they feel these devices were not made for them. By contrast, a medical alert system is made specifically with senior living in mind. A simple machine with a single button, a medical alert system from Alert1 can be the stepping stone you or your senior needs to feel comfortable with something more complicated, like a streaming device. 

Once you have your medical alert system and podcast streaming device set up, you’ll have access to a world of free content. Podcasts offer something for people of all interests. It’s time for seniors to enjoy them.