Shaping America: The Power of The Senior Vote

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Seniors tend to be rock star voters. They show up on Election Day and cast their ballots in record breaking numbers.  If you are over 65, you are a part of this age group. But, not all seniors register to vote.

It is time to make sure you are registered to vote. After all, you do not want to be one of the 27.6% seniors who are unregistered on Election Day. You may have a reason (or two) for why you have chosen not to participate. You may think that your vote doesn’t matter, and you have not been staying up to date on election issues. These are all valid reasons, but they do not change the fact that you should be voting. It is still important that every single senior vote.

If you have never voted before, it is not too late to start. You, too, can be part of the seniors-who-vote group. All it takes is registering, getting informed and voting!

Decisions made during elections have a huge impact on the lives of millions of seniors. There is a lot at stake for seniors in each election, this one is no different. You have the ability to add to the strength of the senior vote. So, here are the 4 big reasons why you should go out and vote.

The Diversity of the Senior Vote Protects Your Interests

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Do you still wonder if you even need to vote? After all, your friends are politically like-minded and they plan to vote. You assume that most seniors are likely to vote in line with your views too. However, this may not be true. Studies show the senior vote is just as diverse as the general population’s.

At Alert1 Medical Alerts, we believe the senior vote is diverse because of the differing opinions on solving political issues. Most seniors agree that social services and veteran care should be protected.  However, seniors disagree with how to protect those services. It is important to voice your own opinion on these issues. Voting in line with those beliefs helps protect what is important to you.  

Seniors are Vulnerable When Policies Change

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Policy change has a huge impact on the senior population and America as a whole. Imagine if our next president changed Medicare and Social Security. That would have an incredible effect on many people. According to the Social Security Administration, about 18% of the American population is currently receiving Social Security. That means 36 million people could be affected.

Changes in policies after an election are potentially life altering for seniors. Changes in benefits could leave millions of seniors vulnerable and unsure of how to pay for medical bills or other expenses. You can stand up for what you think is right by voting.  If you do not receive these social services yet, there is a good chance that you will at some point in your lifetime. By voting, you are able to help protect yourself and other seniors from big changes.

The Senior Vote is for Future Generations Too

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You may feel the outcome of the election won’t really affect you. In some respects, this may be true. Energy and foreign policy may not affect you much. Yet, you should vote with your country’s future in mind. Seniors who vote do so for their children’s and grandchildren’s future. Your vote will help maintain a safe, prosperous country for generations to come.

You have an insight on the past that younger generations do not. This knowledge helps to steer America’s future. There are things senior Americans, like you, understand that younger generations cannot. Your wisdom should not be overlooked. Share your experiences and insight by voting with a brighter future in mind.  

Senior Civil Participation is Important

Many people around the world are fighting for the right to vote. This is something we tend to forget here in this great country. Americans are lucky to have the luxury of voting, and that should not be taken for granted. Participating in your civic duty is a way of giving back to a system that guarantees us a safe, free country.

Get Registered and Vote


Each senior brings a different perspective to political issues. Your life experiences have led you to form certain ideas and beliefs about the way things should be. Seniors who have different life experiences view things differently. That is why each vote is important. Every American perspective should be represented, aging Americans included. By voting, seniors and Americans everywhere are able to make sure their voice is heard.

If you do not know where to begin in the voting process, check out the “Every Smart Seniors Guide to Voting” blog. This has everything you need to know about getting started. Once you are registered, you are on your way to voting. Congrats! You are now ready to join the largest voting demographic in America.