Why Choose PAX Mobile Fall Detection Over a Cell Phone?

iphone versus pax mobile fall detection

As technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, studies show that more seniors are using cell phones. In 2014, 77% of seniors surveyed had a cell phone, up from 69% in 2012. Seniors are becoming more tech-savvy. And trends say that more and more people are abandoning landlines in favor of cellular devices. Nowadays, it seems like your phone can do everything! You can send a message across the world, watch full-length movies, surf the entire web, and much more.

As you age in place, the risk of falls and injuries increase. Before, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the backyard never posed a threat. Now, hard-to-see puddles, haphazard wires, or a stubborn gate can lead to a life-changing slip or fall. 

You may be able to use your cell phone for almost everything, but your phone cannot help in every emergency situation. There are many differences between a mobile medical alert and a cell phone. A mobile phone truly is not a substitute for a medical alert system. Let’s look why.

Why PAX Mobile Fall Detection?

wireless cell tower and gps

Alert1’s PAX mobile fall detection gives the best peace of mind to aging adults. The mobile pendant uses GPS and cell tower information to pinpoint exactly where you’re located in an emergency. You also get the protection of automatic fall detection in the case of a fall. The mobile medical alert will instantly call the 24/7 Command Center and get help when seconds count the most.

If you’re looking for the best senior safety device, a cell phone just won’t cut it. The Alert1 PAX mobile fall detection has the technology to speak for you, even when you can’t. When you age in place, you deserve the best support you can get. Don’t sacrifice convenience for your safety—PAX mobile fall detection gives ultimate peace of mind.

Don’t Bring Your Cell Phone In the Shower

shower with water

According to the National Institute on Aging, 80% of falls happen in the bathroom. The bathroom can be fraught with leaky faucets, finicky shower heads, and dangerous puddles. A wet bathroom floor can lead to a life-changing slip in the matter of seconds. Though grab bars, no-slip mats, and bright lighting can help you avoid a fall, a medical alert device is the best solution. PAX mobile fall detection is shower-proof, so you can be safe in the most slip-prone area of the home.

Alert1 doesn’t recommend that you use your cell phone in the shower. Cell phones aren’t typically waterproof. And if you don’t have your phone on you, you may be left without help. Choose Alert1 PAX mobile fall detection for peace of mind in one of the most fall-prone areas in the home.

Every Second Counts

command center operator

In an emergency, you would unlock your cell phone, and then dial 911. Then, you would get on the line, state your emergency and tell the operator your medical information. What if you are unable to dial the number? What if you are unable to speak? When you need help, you might not have the ability to say it.

When you have the PAX mobile alert pendant, you’ll automatically get put on the line with a 24/7 industry-leading Command Center. The operator will know your name, location, and medical information. This way, emergency responders will know exactly where to go and what to do. This is all without any effort on your part. At Alert1, we understand the needs of seniors, especially in the case of an emergency.

Our operators are also multilingual, supporting up to 190 languages! If you get on the line with a 911 operator and can’t speak English, you will be put on hold. Crucial time will be spent to transfer you to an emergency translating service. This can span from 30 seconds to even one minute. If you’re in a crucial situation, the extra time can be excruciating.

We’ll Stay On the Line

member care with senior

You can carry your PAX mobile fall detection anywhere in the United States. Anywhere in the country, you'll have access to a CSAA5 Diamond Certified and UL-listed Command Center. We’ll automatically be on the line to serve your needs in seconds. And unlike our competitors, we’ll also stay on the line until you receive the help you need.

You also won’t receive an automatic response in the event of a fall—it is up to your ability to grab your phone and make the life-saving call. Sensors in the mobile alert pendant can detect a fall automatically get you help. Alert1 will be able to grant you peace of mind even before the responders arrive. When a scary event happens, our operators will never leave you feeling alone and abandoned.

A Cell Phone Can’t Compare

hand holding pax mobile fall detection

Mobile phones are great devices. They have revolutionized the way people communicate. But as you age in place, you deserve the best protection. There are great advantages to owning a cell phone, but in many ways, mobile medical alerts trump cell phones. When you want immediate help and a comforting operator to stay on the line, a cell phone simply cannot do the same. If you want ultimate peace of mind, PAX mobile fall detection is right for you.