About Angelo Medel

Angelo Medel

Angelo Medel is a part of the marketing team at Alert1. He specializes in search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, and website maintenance.

Angelo attends San Jose State University, currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He is from Aliso Viejo, California, a city adjacent to Laguna Beach—which he argues is the best beach city in Southern California. He finds himself in San Jose, the largest city in Silicon Valley, to work with the best minds in business and technology.

His favorite thing to do is to travel somewhere new, hike in a scenic place, and capture it all on camera. He can hike to the ocean from his parents’ house, but Angelo still likes to complain about his hometown. He loves listening to electronic dance music and attending music festivals.

Angelo does not consider himself a hipster, but he rides a fixed-gear bike and likes taking pictures with a vintage Polaroid camera. He loves listening to hard-hitting trap and wavy future bass when it comes to the subgenres of dance music. He thinks Filipino food is largely underappreciated. His favorite color is orange because no one else likes the color orange.

He has been a marketing intern at Alert1 since 2015. Through all that time, he has learned not only a lot about marketing, but much about the senior industry. Angelo understands the rewards and difficulties of caregiving for a loved one. He supports and sympathizes for those with Alzheimer’s. He has learned the best tips behind hosting the perfect holiday party and knows the best places where seniors should travel.

When Angelo is not researching the best senior-friendly craft ideas, he is looking to make himself known in the world of digital marketing. He is navigating each page of the Alert1 website and thinking of ways to optimize content for keywords. He looks at each title tag, header, and meta description, thinking of ways to rise to the top of search engines. He ponders at each email subject line, searching for the perfect attention-grabber.

He joined Alert1 because he wanted to be a part of a team that improves and saves lives. Angelo’s ultimate goal in life is to make a difference in the world, and he wants to start with the generation that led to who we are today. He wants seniors to know that they can live a happy, independent life in their own home with a medical alert system.


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