What If I Press My Help Button And They Can't Hear Me?

When you press your help button, you are connected to an operator at one of our two US-based Command Centers. If you press your button and cannot speak or the operator cannot hear you, they will start by calling you house phone in case you pressed the button by accident. If you cannot be reached, they will immediately dispatch help from your Circle of Care.

Every minute counts in an emergency and this feature will guarantee help is on your way. We know that when we cannot hear you that may be the time you need us the most. We do not take any call lightly. 

What is a Circle of Care?

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Your Circle of Care is who we contact when there is an emergency. When you set up your medical alert system, you decide who is contacted and what order they are contacted in. We will call your neighbor, your family, 911, or whomever you want to respond.

We can also notify your loved ones if there is an emergency and keep them in the loop. You customize your contacts to best fit your situation. The best thing about the Circle of Care is that you can change it whenever you want to. Feel free give us a call at any time!

What happens if my contacts don’t pick up?

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If your contacts do not pick up, don’t worry, we are prepared to get you help no matter what. We will go down the list of your contacts until someone answers. When there are no more contacts left we will call 911.

When we are sure help is on the way, we will notify your contacts that you like to keep in the loop, but may be too far away to check on you. We will get you the help you need and keep everyone updated.

Who comes on the line when I press my help button?

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At Alert1, we have two US-based Command Centers so there is always someone on duty to answer your call quickly. Our caring operators are trained to be calm and reassuring in case of emergencies. They know how to assess every situation to keep you safe.

Don’t worry if you feel more comfortable speaking a different language. At Alert1, we support 190 different languages so you do not have to struggle with a language when you are in need of help.

 Our command centers are TMA 5 Diamond certified and have a UL (Underwriter Laboratories) listing. This means that our operator go through a rigorous training program and are dedicated to the highest quality of excellence. We undergo random certification checks and are committed to the highest levels of customer service. We will always give you the best protection possible.

What happens if I accidentally press my help button?

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Don’t worry about accidentally pressing your button. Just inform the operator that it was an accident and they will verify your name and address and wish you a good day.

You get unlimited button pushed and talk time, so don’t worry about accidentally pushing your button. We are always happy to hear from you.  Never hesitate to push your help button during an emergency.

Do I have to push my button to get help?

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At Alert1, we offer fall detection technology that automatically sense a fall and notifies the Command Center. This pendant will get you help even if you cannot press your button.  The fall detection pendant has undergone years of testing and calibration to differentiate between a fall and everyday movements. A certified operator will come on the line and send help your way immediately.

If the alarm does trigger automatically, simply tell the operator that you are okay and do not need help.  If you are not able to verbally communicate to the operator, they will alert those within your circle of care or emergency responders as needed.

How do I know my help button is working?

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We encourage you to regularly test your help button. At the Command Center we love to hear from you and know that you are safe. Testing the button will not only ensure it is working properly, but you will get used to talking to the operators and it will ease any worries you may have about the process. 

Alert1 is there for you

No matter what the situation is, we have you covered. You will never have to worry about being alone and afraid in an emergency. Give us a call and we can help you choose the senior medical alert system that best meets your needs.  Alert1 can give you the peace of mind to age independently and safely.