The Senior Guide on Which Decade You Really Belong In

Updated 8/18/15 3:02pm | Alert1 offers solutions to keep you living in safety and independence through your golden years and beyond. Try our fun, interactive quiz and transport yourself to a whole new era!

What results did you get? Read below to find possible answers why you belong to that specific time period:

The Roaring 20s

Roaring 20's cast. alert 1 medical alert systems

Or otherwise known as the Jazz Age, the Roaring 20s led to the rise of a mass culture. From the Ford Model T to chain stores to movie theaters, you will be among the first to dip your feet in the consumer culture waters. Discover the beauty of ready-to-wear clothing and the radio to fill your daily life.

The flapper famously symbolizes the Roaring 20s. Clad in short skirts and bobbed hairstyles, flappers represented the movement from rural to urban. Though you’re in the age of Prohibition, you will witness the rise of metropolitan cities with a flourish of culture such as the Harlem Renaissance.  

The role of women takes a leap with the 19th amendment and the right to vote.  Be part of the changing times and be a part of shaping the U.S. landscape. If you were actually born in the 20s, Alert1 can help you prevent any untimely falls with our fall detection medical alert.


The Booming 50s

The booming 50s. alert1 medical alert systems

You are in the time of the prosperity! The 50s was a time of booms. Returning soldiers led to greater family units and population growth—the baby boomers. The rise of suburban developments supported this baby boom. The baby boomers born in the 50s now comprise the largest demographic of aging Americans.  The white, picket-fence, typical American home was cheaper to live in than an apartment in the city.

Beyond the suburban boom was the expansion of consumer goods. This went hand-in-hand with more spending power for you! There were jobs and wages aplenty.  Prosper well in the 50s!


The Swinging 60s

The swinging 60s. alert1 medical alert systems

From cultural movements to cultural icons, the 60s was a time of great big change. The civil rights movement was in full effect as great orators such as Martin Luther King Jr. fought against racial injustice. President Johnson’s “Great Society” combatted this alongside helping ease poverty and other programs to help Americans such as Medicare and Medicaid. These healthcare programs provide senior healthcare coverage to over 4.6 million low-income seniors.

On top of the civil rights movement were antiwar college students and the rising feminist movement. You are joining a cultural crusade geared towards true freedom and empowerment for all. Best of all, there were the Beatles to rock out your counterculture spirit.

The Disco 70s

Disco 70s. alert1 medical alert systems

You are in the time of disco and pop culture. You're in the time of Star Wars, the Jackson 5 and the early rise of arcade video games.

Watergate and the war has turned you away from politics and instead, focusing on you and your personal. You could wear what you want or grow your hair as long as you wanted. If you’re a flower child, time on the disco dance floor is now—shoot aging seniors can disco too!


The Awesome 80s

The Awesome 80s. alert1 medical alert systems

The 80s made instant movie classics and pop culture icons that are known to this day. From Michael Jackson to Nirvana, you are living in music heaven. MTV and the rise of music videos alongside other cable television networks glued you the mainstream pop culture. Alert1 reinforces and adds to the Madonna adage “seniors should express themselves”!   

Teen flicks were also instant classics—The Breakfast Club,Pretty in Pink and a score of others. The 80s was a time to enjoy movie, TV, music—popular culture was the playing arena to make your 80s awesome.


The Nostalgic 90s

Super nintendo.alert1 medical alert systems

With a popular president and a booming economy, there’s a lot to be nostalgic about! Arcades are out but you can enjoy gaming consoles. Then you have cultural phenomenons like Friends, the first Harry Potter novel and Titanic.

You are in the era of ever expanding cable television and this tiny little thing called the internet. Your life is growing more interconnected with others. You are the breeding ground for many trends and innovations that would help shape the incoming decade. The beginnings of the digital age are at your hand.  Just beware of Y2k!

Let your imagination run wild with these fun, decade suggestions. After all, aging in place is all about fun. Give us your thoughts on the quiz by commenting below!