Grandparents Day Gift Ideas: The Gift of Independence

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With Grandparents Day around the corner, you may be wondering what in the world to get Grandma. Your grandparents have worked hard their whole lives to create a better life for you and your family. Grandparents Day is a day not only to honor them, but to give back. 

What is Grandparent’s Day?

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Grandparents Day is a chance to appreciate all grandparents and everything that they do for us. The idea of this holiday comes from a West Virginian mother, Marian McQuade. She envisioned Grandparents Day as a day for families to come together to appreciate the importance of the grandparents in our communities.

Grandparents play a vital role in families all around the world. Here is a chance to do something for them that is truly meaningful. A medical alert system can be the gift of safety and independence for your loving grandparents. 

What Should I Get My Grandmother For Grandparent’s Day?

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We all know that grandparents usually say, “Save your money, I don’t need a gift,” or “What else could I possibly want?” But that’s because Grandma hasn’t thought about a medical alert system.

A medical alert will bring the whole family peace of mind knowing that Grandma is protected 24/7. You love her, and you will love the peace of mind of knowing she is safe.

With a medical alert system, you can enjoy the time you spend together. When it is time to leave, you know that Grandma is in good hands with Alert1. And if you select Alert1, you will save more when compared to Life Alert costs.

Which Medical Alert Should I Choose For Grandma?

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You can customize Grandma’s medical alert to perfectly fit her lifestyle. Is she adventurous, or does she prefer to stay around the house? Does she have two left feet? Does she love fashion? Our fashionable medical alert necklaces can even measure up to her high style standards! With Alert1, you are sure to find a medical alert that is perfect for your Grandma’s personality. 

Grandma On-The-Go

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Does Grandma enjoy weekend getaways? Our mobile medical alerts are the perfect adventure safeguard. The Kelsi mobile medical alert has unlimited range so Grandma will feel safe anywhere she chooses to go. If she ever needs help, all she needs to do is press her button. An operator from one of our two US-based Command Centers will come on the line to assist her in seconds.

With a two-way speaker and microphone communication within the pendant, the mobile medical alert is easy to use on the go. Even if Grandma does not know where she is, the mobile alert uses 911 technology to locate her within two meters. We will get her the helps she needs. 

Grandma At Home

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Maybe Grandma is more of a homebody and enjoys staying around the house, keeping busy with some baking and crafts. Or perhaps she is an avid gardener and is always out in the yard. If that describes your Grandma, then this Grandparents day is the perfect opportunity to give her a home medical alert system.

The landline or wireless home alert system covers 600 feet around the base station to protect Grandma throughout her home and yard. That’s a range of over two football fields! The button is even waterproof so if Grandma gets it wet while washing dishes or in the shower she is still protected. Grandma will be protected throughout her home. 

Grandma With Two Left Feet

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Maybe Grandma can a bit of a klutz, or perhaps she has fallen before. When she was younger the clumsiness was funny, but as she ages you worry for her safety. With fall detection technology, she has the extra protection she needs in case she falls.

The fall detection pendant has been rigorously tested to detect the difference between a senior fall and everyday movements. Grandma will not even have to press her button - the pendant will detect the fall and automatically notify the 24/7 Command Center.

With all of Alert1’s medical alert systems, we make sure Grandma is never alone. When she presses her button or a fall is sensed, she will be connected to a caring operator at one of our Command Centers. The operator will stay on the line with her until help arrives so she is never is alone and afraid during an emergency. She will feel safe with 24/7 protection by her side. 

Grandma With Style

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At Alert1, you have the opportunity to make this gift even more special by personalizing it for Grandma and Grandpa. Is Grandma a fashionista who likes some extra sparkle? Pick out a fashionable lanyard for her medical alert pendant. Maybe Grandpa prefers a wristband over a necklace to keep him looking cool. Our colorful slapbands will show off his style. Whatever they prefer, the extra personal touch will make your gift even more memorable.

You can even set up your grandparent’s medical alert system with their own personalized Circle of Care. If there is an emergency, the Alert1 operator will contact the personalized responders you have set up. We can contact you, a neighbor, other family members, 911, or whoever you choose. We will get Grandma the help she needs. Even if you live too far to be a responder, we can still contact you to keep you in the loop of what’s going on. Here at Alert1 we want to create peace of mind for your whole family. 

Alert1 Will Take Care of Grandma

Everyone loves knowing that their family is thinking of them. A gift for Grandparents Day is the perfect way to show your love.

No matter which medical alert you choose, your grandparents will appreciate the thought you put into their gift. Grandma and Grandpa have kept you out of trouble and safe growing up, now it is time for you to take care of them.

Truly enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones and know that they will be protected when you are not around. Honor and celebrate your grandparents the Grandparents Day and do something grand by giving them the gift of safety.