Spring and Summer Styles for Seniors

Spring and Summer Styles for Seniors

Fashion is important to many women, no matter their age. In fact, women over 60 are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the fashion industry. According to the International Longevity Centre, senior adults are spending more money on clothing and other fashions. Between 2011 and 2018, spending on fashion rose by 21% among the elderly, and that number is expected to go up steadily over the next few decades.Not only do seniors want to look good, but they want to indulge in clothing that is both fashionable and practical for their day-to-day lives.

When it comes to looking fantastic, keeping up with the latest trends can help you get there. What are the trends happening right now that will impact your spring and summer wardrobe? We’ll take a look at that as well as some tips to help you look and feel good no matter the season.

Tips for Dressing Well

In the past, some elderly women gave up a bit on fashion, thinking they were “too old” to pull off a certain look so they turned to “safer” options when choosing a wardrobe. Eventually, they wound up sticking with the same old colors, fabrics, patterns, and designs. And that was boring!

While you might choose to settle into a style all your own, nothing says that style can’t be vibrant, sophisticated, and fun all at the same time. The trends we talk about here can be modified to suit your lifestyle and your personal tastes.

But making any clothes look great starts with building your personal style and being comfortable in your own skin. Here are a few ways to get there:

·        Know your body shape. There are several different body shapes, including pear, apple, hourglass, and rectangle. What does your body look like? For instance, an apple shape carries more weight around the middle, while a pear shape carries that weight in the lower body. An hourglass is more balanced on top and bottom, while the rectangle shape is rather boxy. Once you identify which shape you are closest to, you can select clothing that best suits your shape.

·        Use clothing to bring balance. Those with a pear shape may want to choose pants or slacks that are tailored but shirts that are flowing, to better balance out the look. Those who are larger on top might want to select wider leg or bootleg slacks.

·        What’s your best feature? Play that up! If you have strong arms, show them off with sleeveless tops. If you have a gorgeous smile, wear sparkly jewelry that draws the eye up to it. If your hair is lovely, invest in scarves and headbands that accentuate it. Accessories are a great asset for any outfit and can draw attention to whatever you want to showcase.

·        Go with stretchy fabrics. As we get older, many of us start to care more about being as comfortable as possible. To that end, look for fabrics that are easy to care for, feel good against your skin, and move with you. The best bet is a cotton blend that has a touch of spandex in the mix.

·        Choose classic pieces too. When you’re choosing new items for spring and summer, look at what you already have in your closet. What pieces might fit well with your current clothing? A pair of jeans that fits just right, a dress that is a go-to for any occasion, a well-tailored blouse in a pop of color – these are all great options to mix and match with what you already have.

·        Don’t forget the shoes. Did you know that up to 87% of individuals have foot pain at some point in their lives?2 And of course, foot pain can easily lead to falls. As we get older and our steps become a little less sure, it’s important to look for shoes that are comfortable, offer good support, and help alleviate the risk of falling. A medical alert system with fall detection is a great option for anyone concerned about falling or who has a history of falling. Flats and loafers are great options. Look for those with non-skid soles. If you have trouble putting on shoes or tying laces, look for slip-ons or those with Velcro fasteners. You can even find dedicated orthopedic shoes with a flair of style and fashion sense!

·        Don’t overlook adaptive clothing. Adaptive clothing is designed for people who may have difficulties with certain aspects of dressing, such as fastening tiny buttons or hooks, etc. It might be easy to think that adaptive clothing isn’t fashionable, as there are often limited styles and colors. But you might be surprised by just how attractive these specially-made pieces can be. There’s a reason why MarketWatch reports a rapidly growing market for adaptive clothing – it looks great and works exactly as it’s supposed to.3 And just like a personal emergency alert system, the functionality can help keep you independent for as long as possible.

While you’re shaping up your wardrobe, consider that one of your accessories should be a medical alert necklace or bracelet. These life-saving medical alarms can provide you with the peace of mind you need to be confident in your day-to-day life. That confidence can translate into everything you do. When you know that help is a simple button push away, you can step out into the world knowing that you are protected by a powerful monitoring system that will get help to you right away, 24/7.

What Are the Hot Trends This Year?

The trends emerging on the runways this year almost always make their way to your local store. You might be excited to see what’s coming to the shelves near you:

·        Anything with pockets. Since so few pieces of women’s clothing come equipped with usable pockets, it’s a delight to find something that holds the little things. Cargo pants in pastel colors were hot on the runway in early 2023 and that’s a trend we can all get into.

·        Oversized shirts. Like pockets, larger shirts that are easy to move around in never go out of style. Boxy shirts that are reminiscent of menswear can be dressed up with great accessories and a nice pair of slacks. They can be delightfully comfortable, especially if you opt for a shirt with a little bit of stretch in the material.

·        The minimalist look. Remember when everyone was slimming down their closets to only a few functional pieces that could be mixed and matched? Those days are back. The runways this spring saw models wearing suits and dresses in a variety of pinks, which seems to be the color of the season.

·        Dots and dashes. The clothes might be minimalist but the accessories are definitely not. Polka dots were a huge hit this spring, as well as patterns like dashes, slashes, and geometric shapes. These accessories were often seen as bright pops of color paired with muted fabrics to create a true statement.

·        Going green. Speaking of color, while shades of pink made an appearance on the runways, so did green – specifically, a shade called “Classic Green.” Think of a spring green color that complements the pinks well, like creating a flower with your clothing.

·        Strong textures. Those sleek, satiny fabrics of years past can stay on the shelf this year. Bold patterns, from corduroy to fringe, are taking center stage. If you’re not into texture that covers the whole of your clothing, look for textured materials at the hem and cuffs of a few pieces that create a pop of interest.

As always, you can accessorize easily with a senior life-saving alert system that comes in neutral colors that will blend in well with any clothing.

What About Hair and Makeup?

The right hairstyle, makeup and skin products can highlight the beauty of any woman.

When going for a new hairstyle, consider adding layers. These add volume and texture to your hair, making it “move” more and look fuller. That’s especially great for those who are dealing with thinning hair – and yes, that’s something that affects women as well as men as we get older. If you choose to color your hair, warm, natural colors can complement your skin tone, and that can make you look younger. Getting your hair trimmed every six weeks or so can get rid of split ends and maintain your look.

When it comes to skin care, moisturizing is the key to keeping your skin hydrated. And better hydration makes skin look smoother and more supple. Always make a point of using a moisturizer that works well for your skin type; if you’re not sure what that is, asking a professional at a spa or salon is a great idea.

When you use makeup, use a foundation that is light and airy on the skin. A cream blush can give you a natural-looking finish. Define your eyes with neutral shades of eyeliner and mascara.

As we get older and fine lines settle in around the lips, even the nicest lipstick can feather after a long day. Avoid that issue by using a good lip liner that matches the color of the lipstick or is the slightest shade darker.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Staying safe and secure while you are out and about is the key to the confidence you want to project to the world – and confidence never goes out of style. A medical alert bracelet or pendant can look quite fashionable as accessories. Take a look at what Alert1 has to offer. You’re sure to find something that suits the fashionista in you! Happy Spring and Summer!