Retirement Age Role Models: Guides for Your Retirement

Happy elder senior couple in retirement

You’ve lived through the Cold War, Elvis, and the Macarena craze. You’re strong, independent, wise with experience, and thinking about retirement. Do you know what activities to pursue when you’re retired? If not, maybe you need some inspiration.

To help give you some inspiration, we at Alert1 are going to take a look at five retiree-aged examples. They aren’t quite animate, but they’re great models to learn from. 

1. I Love Lucy™

I Love Lucy Cast

Your favorite childhood sitcom is turning 65 this year! Lucille Ball created this series in 1951 after she dreamed of her deceased friend, Carole Lombard, telling her to take a risk and enter the TV industry.

Did you know that I Love Lucy was a pioneer before its time? It was the first TV show to depict a pregnancy when Lucille Ball was pregnant with her first child. Desi Arnaz, who played Ricky, invented the concept of the rerun to give Lucille some time for maternity leave.

Even at the age of 65, I Love Lucy is going strong, with reruns every year.

Takeaway: During retirement, you have plenty of time to catch up. You can watch the newest, hottest shows or catch up with the classics.

If you prefer something more literary, you’re in luck! Devoted I Love Lucy fan, Bart Andrews, released a fantastic book on the series: The “I Love Lucy” Book. Reading books, like The “I Love Lucy” Book, has been linked with lower chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Plus, if you coordinate reading or watching schedules, you will have plenty to discuss with your friends.

2. Wimbledon™

Centre Court Wimbledon

At the age of 139, Wimbledon is deep into its retirement years—but it’s still going strong. The Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. According to tennis superstar Roger Federer, it’s also the most prestigious.

This prestigious tournament is the only Grand Slam tournament played on grass. The grass is cut to a surprisingly specific 8 mm. That’s about half an inch. Although the grass is very short, the matches are long. The longest match took 11 hours and 5 minutes. The game took so long that it had to be played over three days because it was too dark to continue playing.

Takeaway: Although you probably don’t want to play for 11 hours, tennis is a good way to exercise.

Exercising is a great way to stay healthy. Working out helps your immune system, heart health, and blood pressure. It also improves your mobility, flexibility, and balance. If you have any issues regarding insomnia, exercise also helps you sleep.

If you don’t like tennis, that’s totally fine. Here are some other senior-friendly sports:

  • Golf
  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Boating

3. Best Western™

Mountain Road Trip

One of the largest chains of hotels in the US is turning 70 this year! Unlike most hotels, Best Western is a non-profit member association. Every hotel in the association pays dues and fees. 

Although Best Western originates from California, it has expanded across the globe. You can find Best Westerns in not only the US, but also in Canada, the UK, Australia, and even Burma.

All these places are great for road trips, especially California. California is home to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even nine national parks. That’s more than any other state!

Takeaway: During retirement, go on domestic road trips. You won’t have to sweat about getting to your destination on time. You can drive as slowly as you’d like. In fact, if you want to take a detour, enjoy your time taking in the scenery.

This will save money on your travels, since road trips are cheaper than air travel.

4. Lions Club International

Senior Volunteering at Food Bank

Founded by Chicago businessman Melvin Jones in 1917, the famous Lions Club turns 99 this year. Jones, a businessman, created the Lions Club to channel the intelligence, drive, and ambition used in commerce to help better communities.

Key aspects in this thinking was making sure there was communication between seemingly dissimilar groups. The Lions Club serves about 200 countries and geographic areas all around the world. These include countries like China, Cuba, Italy, South America, and even Iraq. It even helped draft the United Nations Charter in 1945.

Takeaway: While you might not be a globe trotter like the Lions Club, you can bond with others while doing volunteer work. You’ll get to help others and make lasting friendships.

These social bonds are extremely beneficial. Not only do they make you healthier during retirement, they make you happier too.

5. California Science Center

California Science Center

LA’s savvy California Science Center is turning 65 this year. Even at this age, the largest hands-on museum on the West Coast has 2.6 million visitors every year. That makes it the eighth most popular museum in the US.

On top of its spectacular IMAX theater, the California Science Center is also home to the Space Shuttle Endeavor. When you have finished exploring the space shuttle, those who are daring can try the museum’s high-wire bicycle on the third floor.

Takeaway: Museums are a great place to learn, and you should continue learning to stay sharp during retirement. It doesn’t matter what you learn – it could be basket weaving or rocket science, what’s important is that you do it.

You can study in both informal or formal set ups. Informal set ups include visiting museums, reading books, and chatting with experts. For a more formal situation, you can attend a school or college. Luckily for seniors, many schools offer tuition waivers for the elderly. 

Retire Strong, Independent, with Lots to Do

Laughing Seniors on Couch

In retirement you have plenty of options of what you want to fill your time with. It’s just a question of which to choose.

Looking at these examples, you can see that there is plenty to do during retirement. You’ll have lots of time to do whatever you want – be it playing tennis or volunteering.

Feel free to mix and match activities, and if you want some extra safety while doing these activities, get a medical alert system. With it, you can retire as a strong, independent senior with peace of mind.

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