9 Incredible Ways to Remain Active During Retirement

Senior Success

Remaining active during retirement is challenging. According to the U.S. Department of Health, only 28-34% of seniors aged 65-74 are physically active.

This is low considering how important staying active is for your health. Luckily, it is never too late to start! Don’t let retirement slow you down. Take advantage of your golden years to explore new activities. The key to remaining active during retirement is to have an active body, mind, and social life.

Strengthen Your Body During Retirement

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Fitness and regular exercise are healthy ways to remain active in your senior years. There are many different types of activities and classes to join. 

Here are Alert1’s favorite ways to remain physically active during retirement:

  • Join a senior aerobics class.  There are all sorts of classes to choose from with varying levels of intensity.  

    Lightweight training, cycling, or walking classes are popular for seniors.  Regular aerobics strengthens your lungs and heart,and improves your memory.
  • Relax with yoga or Tai Chi. If aerobic classes don’t fit your mood, yoga and Tai Chi are additional options. 

    Yoga and Tai Chi improve your balance, which reduce the risk of falling.  If you are still worried about falls, check out our medical alert bracelets for seniors.
  • Workout your core to prevent injury. Trying new activities during your senior years often leads to lower back pain. 

    Side planks work out and strengthen your core back muscles. Daily stretching and light workouts prevent back pain too.

Use Technology to Sharpen Your Mind

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Maintaining your mental health is equally important as physical exercise during retirement. There is a plethora of technology available to help us keep our brains active.

Keeping the brain healthy prevents the risk of Alzheimer’s and improves memory. Here are tips for you to sharpen your mind while using technology in your senior years:

  • Play video games.  Crosswords and puzzles are ways to improve your memory, but have you tried playing video games?

    There is a whole world of puzzle games for seniors that you can play on your phone or computer. The games are mentally stimulating and you will hone your technology skills for an added bonus!
  • Read an e-book. There is an endless library of books available online. You can download these from the comfort of your home.

    If it's difficult transitioning to an e-reader, ask your grandchild questions or find a YouTube tutorial.
  • Take an online class. You are never too old to learn something new. Retirement gives you plenty of time to pursue an interest you never had time to do. 

    Take an online class and impress your family with your new technology skills.

Remain Active in Your Social life


Learning new technology keeps your brain busy, but it can be lonely too.  That’s why you also need to remain socially active.

Social engagement is vital to maintaining mental health. Staying socially active in your senior years will be a breeze with these tips:

  • Meet other seniors at your local church. Churches are a wonderful place to socialize and attend senior events. 

    Potluck dinners, volunteering, and field trips are a few common activities. Go to your local church and see what they have offer.
  • Visit your family. Now that you are retired, you have much more time to go visit distant relatives. Not only do you get to see your family, but you also get to experience a new place.

    While traveling, make sure you stay protected with our Alert1 mobile medical alert system.
  • Join a club. Not having to work 9-5 everyday means you can focus more on your hobbies. Look for local clubs to join and meet others with the same interests as yourself.

    Book and gardening clubs are popular ones, but there are many other clubs to choose from.

Stay Protected and get Peace of Mind with Alert 1

Woman wearing Life Alert

Exploring new areas if life is exciting, but it’s important to be protected too. The last thing you want is a serious fall getting in the way of you enjoying your retirement.

Stay protected in your senior years with our emergency medical alert. During an emergency, all push your help button and an Alert1 respondent will be on the line. And be sure to compare our pricing with Life Alert costs to see how much we can save you.



Living Your Retired Life to the Fullest


Retirement does not mean you are going to be stuck playing bingo and watching daytime television.

It’s the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of your life. A chapter where you are free to pursue the interests you care about most.

A healthy body, mind and social life are vital for remaining active during your retirement.  These tips are a fantastic starting point to begin your retirement journey.

If you are already in the later years of your retirement, share your tips with us. Add your favorite way to remain active in the comments below.