How To Prepare For Your Parents Coming To Visit

family picnic

Your parents are coming to visit, and it’s time to prepare your home so that they are comfortable and safe. From checking on their health to activities to do as a family, here’s how to make their visit go smoothly.

How do I keep my parents comfortable and safe?

Before your parents arrive, you should prepare your home. Make your parents more comfortable by making your home safer for them.

  • Clean your house and removing hazards. That includes anything that can be tripped over or slipped on, including pet bowls, electrical cords, and rugs.
  • Arrange the furniture so walkways are clear.
  • Move items your parents might need so that they are within easy reach. This includes items their favorite cereal and extra toilet paper.
  • Place non-slip strips on steps, in the bathroom, and in the bathtub.
  • Make sure home is well lit. Add a lamp within easy reach of their bed so they don’t have to navigate in the dark.

Your aging parents have different needs than they used to. Pay attention and make sure they have everything they need.

  • Ask about their diets and provide the food they need.
  • Ask if they would like any specific meals.
  • Have their favorite snacks and beverages in the fridge.
  • Make sure they bring enough medication with them if they need it.
  • Clean! Mom will notice that spot you missed.



Are my parents doing okay?

grandpa mother and son

During this visit is a good time to check on your parents’ well-being. Talk with them about their health, and be observant. Has your Dad lost a lot of weight? Is Mom experiencing memory loss? If they drove to you, were they able to do so safety?

You aging parents may not be willing to tell you that something is wrong. They may not even realize they need help.  Gently bring up your concerns. Encourage them to take regular medical checkups and to ask their doctor about any changes. 

What should we do while they’re here?

Don’t just sit around! Plan some activities for the whole family.

  • Take some scenic walks and show your parents what makes where you live special.
  • Take them sightseeing to your favorite local attractions.
  • Break out the board games and have some fun.
  • Take them out to a movie. Or have a movie night in, complete with candy and popcorn.
  • Watch some home videos and reminisce about when you were growing up.
  • Eat out at your favorite restaurants and bars.
  • Take them wine tasting at a local winery.
  • Plan a beach day if you live by the coast.
  • Take them to a sports game or a concert.
  • Plan a picnic or barbeque with everyone’s favorite foods.

You love your folks, but you know you don’t have the same interests as Mom and Dad.  Just remember: your parents are coming to see YOU.  They want to spend some quality time with you and learn about your life.  

When planning out the entertainment for their visit, remember to schedule in some downtime. They won’t want to be on the go all day. Make some time to relax and catch up on what’s been going on in your lives. 



Show them you care

While your parents are visiting it is a good time to bring up the idea of a medical alert system. They can go home protected and give the whole family peace of mind.

With a medical alert system you parents can push a button and get help immediately in any situation. At Alert1 we stay on the phone until help arrives so they never feel alone. Whether your parents want protection at home or on the go, a medical alert system will allow them to age in place like they deserve. Plus, show them you have compared Alert1 to Life Alert costs

If your parents are opposed to this idea, gently tell them that you are worried about their safety and it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions. They may think that they don’t need an alert system and they don’t, until they fall. Tell them the facts: no one can tell when an accident will occur. You want peace of mind not only for them, but yourself as well. 


Have fun with them!

Show your parents a great time. They came to spend some quality time with you and now it’s time to make the most of it. Make sure they are healthy, happy and have everything they need while visiting you.

Send your parents home safe with a medical alert system. It will give the whole family the peace of mind about their safety and allow your parents to continue to live independently. Your parents watched out for you while growing up, now it’s time you do the same as they age.