Advice from US Presidents on How to Live a Long Life

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You’ve seen our presidents aging before your eyes.  Barack Obama’s skin has aged and his hair is graying rapidly (although the first lady remains timeless). George W. Bush and Bill Clinton both went fully gray by the time they left the office. It seems that with all of the stress, the president ages twice as fast than the average person. But is that really true?

In spite of their gray hair, many US presidents have lived long past the national average! What was thought to be the most stressful jobs in the world may actually have some key secrets to living a long, healthy life. 

How Long Do Presidents Live?

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In the 19th century, when the average man died at age 47, John Adams lived to be 90! And he was not the only one to make it to the 90s. Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan both lived to be 93.

The record for living the longest out of office belonged to Herbert Hoover—31 years—until Jimmy Carter, now 90, broke that record with 34 years out of office. George H.W. Bush, who is currently 91, is still extremely active and went skydiving just last year.

The presidents are obviously doing something right. So, what are the secrets that keep the President healthy in and out of the oval office? 

Good Nutrition

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Living in the White House has its perks. The president has a kitchen staff preparing fresh, healthy meals on a daily basis. A full kitchen is stocked with everything a president could want.

You may not have your own personal chef, but you can take initiative and cook healthy meals of your own. If that seems like too much work, enlist the help of a meal delivery service. They deliver a fresh meal straight to your door. Depending on the company, you can choose ready to eat meals or meals that are measured out and ready to cook. 

Great Health Care

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While in office, the president is constantly in the presence of a doctor, with medical teams close by and ready to go. They receive the best medical care with constant attentiveness. No symptom goes ignored or unnoticed. Even after presidency, they have Secret Service details that always have an EMT on duty.

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Regular Exercise

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The fact the regular exercise helps lead to a long healthy life isn’t top secret. Nearly every president has partaken in regular exercise.

Carter jogged on a daily basis. Ford skiied and had an outdoor pool built at the White House so he could swim. Reagan worked out regularly in the White House gym and chopped wood at his ranch. Adams walked four miles and swam daily.

With the stress of the job, exercise helps presidents clear their head and keep their sanity. You might not be running a country, but you too can experience the health and mental benefits of exercise. Combine a healthy diet, good health care and regular exercise and you are already on your way to a long, healthy life. 

Embrace Stress

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Being a president has to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Although stress takes a toll on the body, how well you adjust to stressful situations determines how much it affects you. How you view stress can completely change the effect it has on your body. The more in control you are of your stress, the more you can use it to your advantage. When you embrace stress and do not minimize it, it can fuel you.

Turn stress into positive anxiety to perform better under pressure. You need to recognize what your worry is and adjust your mindset. Reframe how you view the stress and focus on what you can control. Train your body to adapt to stressful situations so the effects of stress can lead to a longer life. 

Don’t Slow Down


Presidents tend to be A-type personalities - ambitious, highly status-oriented, with the tendency to take on more than they can handle. Basically, they are workaholics. And they don’t slow down after they’ve left the White House.

Determination to do something meaningful is a useful longevity strategy. Nixon lived two decades after his presidency, writing books and opening a research institute. In 2002 Carter received a Nobel Peace Prize for his ongoing efforts to improve live all around the world.

We can take lead from their community involvement. Getting involved in meaningful work keeps you going and can elongate your life. After retiring, sitting around does not challenge you enough mentally. Undertaking projects after retiring will give you purpose and keep your mind sharp.

Live life like a President

We can all take a hint from our former presidents. Their lifestyle allows them to live long, healthy lives well past their days in office. Maybe you can’t be the president of the United States, but you can take tips from the presidential lifestyle to stay health and feel better.