Knitting and Crocheting Ideas for Grandma

knitting needles and yarn

Are you a knitter who’s exhausted all your options for knitting? Are you tired of crocheting scarf after scarf? Look no further, because you are in for a treat. There are plenty of things that you can make with just a hook, some needles and yarn. Knitting and crocheting are two hobbies that can result in sweaters, cup cozies, dishcloths or even Swiffer; pads. Continue reading below to find out what other neat things you can knit and crochet—besides scarves. 

1. Swiffer Pads

crochet swiffer cover

Ahh, the Swiffer;. The Swiffer; is one of the handiest tools you can use for cleaning up floors. Its swiveling head, the squeegee-like effect, its ergonomic design—it’s a wonderful addition to your cleaning arsenal. I love using the Swiffer to clean up the ever-accumulating pet hair in my home, but those nifty Swiffer pads can get costly. Knit yourself a Swiffer pad and stop throwing money into the wind! 

2. Dish Cloths and Towels

pile of colorful crochet dishcloths

On the same note as the Swiffer; pads, you can save yourself a great deal of money by knitting your own dishcloths and towels. They are some of the easiest things you can knit, so this may be a good start for you if you’re a beginner. Dishcloths can be designed with all sorts of colors and patterns and can make lovely gifts for your friends.  

3. Crochet Doilies

crocheted doily

Doilies are perfect for decorating the surfaces inside your home. Their elegance and intricate designs add a nice touch to whatever you’ve chosen to display. But why buy pretty doilies when you can make even prettier doilies? There are hundreds of free doily patterns online for you to explore. But if you think you already have too many doilies, why not stitch a bunch of them together to form a blanket?

4. Crochet Cup Cozies and Coasters

blue coffee cup with crochet cozy

Do you love a piping hot cup of joe in the morning?  I know I do! I’m always a bit groggy when I first wake up, so I perk myself up with some coffee. Crochet yourself a coffee cozy to avoid accidently roasting your hands in the early morning. Burnt hands are no fun to deal with.

Like to drink iced teas? You can crochet yourself a coaster to catch all those pesky water drops. Cozies and coasters are perfect for protecting your hands and surfaces from hot or cold drinks, so crochet away! 

5. Pot Holders and Oven Mitts

blue crochet pot holders

You’ve got to protect your hands! After all, you do use them for knitting. Avoid disaster in the kitchen by knitting yourself some pot holders and oven mitts.

Those boiling pots and scalding cookie trays will be no match for you once you’ve donned your mitts. Not only will you be protecting your delicate skin, you’ll be the talk of the town with your unique and personalized kitchen gear. 

6. A Crochet Purse

pink and purple crochet purse

I know I feel incomplete when I’m not wearing a purse. They’re so useful for carrying everything I’ll need for that day. For some reason though, it’s considered faux paus when you wear the same purse every day. But who has the money (or time!) to get a new purse for every outfit? You won’t need to, because you know how to crochet. Crochet yourself a  purse and be the envy of your friends. You will have a new purse and it only cost you some yarn.  

7. Crochet Chemo Cap

crochet chemo cap

Do you have a loved one who is currently undergoing chemotherapy? A crochet chemo cap is an incredibly meaningful way to show your love and support. A chemo cap is a type of hat that cancer patients wear to cover their hair loss. Losing your hair can really dampen your spirits. Why not brighten someone’s day with a gift that you made especially for them? The time and dedication it takes to make a chemo cap will show that you care about them and their recovery. If you don’t know anyone and still want to help, you can volunteer to make these crochet caps and donate them to your local hospital.  

8. Slippers and Slipper Socks

multi-color crochet socks

Some of the best things you can knit are the things that you can wear. When you open your sock drawer, do you only see black and white? Say goodbye to those boring foot covers or those drably slippers. Update your wardrobe with some new, colorful slippers and slipper socks. When you know how to knit you can have all the fluffy, fashionable footwear you want. It’s a no brainer. 

9. Endless Gifts for Your Grandkids

yellow crochet duckling

It’s a well-known fact that grandmothers love to spoil their grandchildren. As much as you love your grandkids, this continuous cycle of gifting can get pretty expensive. Why not show your grandkids your thoughtfulness and generosity by knitting and crocheting them their gifts?  A couple gift ideas that they are bound to love (besides clothes) are stuffed animals and crocheted monsters

It’s Knitting Time

mother and daughter knitting together

There you have it: enough knitting and crocheting ideas to keep yourself occupied for a long, long time. You can knit and crochet items for the house like a pot holder or doilies, gifts for your friends like caps and cozies, or accessories for yourself like a purse.

This list is just the beginning of your journey, believe me. As the saying goes, “In a ball of yarn is the potential to make your dreams come true”. If you need help, a quick Google search will provide you with all the patterns for these great ideas.