New Home for Mom. Same Holiday Traditions.

Snowy trees

Mom has made the bold decision to move. She decided to live the next chapter of her life in a different home; one that suits her golden years best.

Now it’s time for the holidays. It’s her first holiday celebration in her new home. But what about the family’s traditions? Will they stay the same in Mom’s new place? Will they change?

These are all questions you and Mom are probably asking yourselves this time of year. But making a bold move does not necessarily mean her traditions have to change. Yes things will be different, but there’s no need to leave her traditions behind.

Maintaining you’re family’s holiday traditions will help Mom’s new place feel like home. No matter where Mom is living, you can help her make the holidays special.

Assisted Living

Christmas ornaments in tree

In assisted living, Mom is given whole-hearted attention 24/7.  Although she is no longer living in a home of her own, she can still keep the same traditions.

Decorating her home is no longer an option, but she can turn her room into a Christmas extravaganza! These small decorations will give her room a holiday vibe.

  • Christmas lights are the perfect way to brighten up her room. She doesn’t have a roof to decorate, so bring the lights inside! Hang the lights at the top of each wall inside her room.
  •  Wall decorations such as snowflakes and ornaments don’t have to be hung on a Christmas tree - they can hang on the walls instead. Play with the different positions these decorations can hang on each wall.
  • A  Christmas tree symbolizes the holidays. The processes of finding a tree and decorating it is what makes the holidays fun. A mini tree is the perfect size for a small room.

Retirement Community

Holiday Cookies

Moving into a retirement community might not have been easy for Mom. She loved cooking in the kitchen she used for years. Although it’s not the same kitchen, she can maintain the tradition of cooking holiday-themed food.

These holiday recipes are the perfect way for Mom to break in her kitchen. It’s time for her grandkids to pay a visit and try out a new recipe with Grandma.

  • Is she in the mood for some pumpkin pie oatmeal? This delicious recipe is perfect for those chilly holiday mornings! With only four easy steps she can have a delicious breakfast. She can also share this recipe with others in her retirement home.
  • Is oatmeal not one of your mother’s favorite holiday breakfast meals? Tell her to try out this amazing Baked Applesauce French Toast recipe. This appealing recipe is perfect to cure a sweet tooth.
  • Time to bake some cookies for Santa! Gather a list of all of her grandchildren’s favorite cookies and find the recipes to bake them. Don’t forget the milk for the cookies!

Before she cooks these recipes make sure to check if her new kitchen is senior-safe. You want to look out for your mother’s safety in all possible ways. Once you and your mother have senior-proofed her kitchen, start gathering the required ingredients.


hot chocolate

Mom’s new home might be smaller, but it’s the perfect size for her. She doesn’t need the extra space for the kids all year round. If the house is too small for the whole family during the holidays, take the traditions outside her door.

  • The Nutcracker might be showing at your local event center. Take your mom to see this holiday-themed show. This might become a holiday favorite for the whole family.
  • Take her out for some hot cocoa. Go to one of your favorite holiday stands that sell the best hot chocolate in town! This cup of hot, sweet, and chocolaty bliss might be just what that doctor recommended.

When you take your mom out for some holiday fun, keep her safe by bringing our mobile fall detection system. It’s the time of year everyone’s out and about with their families having some holiday fun. You never know what can happen in crowded venues, but you should always be prepared! As always, shop the industry for the best prices. Here is a good Life Alert cost comparison.

Your Home

holiday table setting

You’re living with your mother once again. This time it’s different. She’s no longer taking care of you. You’re the one taking care of her now.

The tradition was hosting the holiday dinner at your mom’s house. Since she’s living with you, you might start to wonder: where will the Christmas dinner be this year?  Here’s a simple solution: host the dinner at your house! Same food, same people, same holiday, different kitchen.

Maintaining holiday traditions is what’s best for your mother. It will make her feel as secure as being in her own home.

Keep Mom safe by gifting her a home medical alert system. Even when you’re not home with her, she will always be protected. Having her system will also give you and your family peace of mind.

Traditions are Important

The holidays are built upon traditions. They strengthen the bonds with our loved ones. They influence our mood and bring us joy. They’re traditions and they are meant to be forever.

Even if Mom has moved, you can keep the same traditions. You just need to adjust them to fit Mom’s new way of living. Take care of your mom and help her keep the holiday traditions intact. We wish you the best this holiday season!