7 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Grandma

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Grandma’s house is the place to go for the holidays. You can never leave her house without a full stomach. Whether it’s cooking delicious food or baking tasty goods, Grandma always has a new recipe.

Not only does she cook delightful food, but Grandma’s love is unconditional. She cares for her grandchildren, children, and the whole entire family in a way no one else does. 

Grandma is the person you go to for advice, secret family recipes, and just about anything else. She’s sweet. She’s kind. She’s special. She’s Grandma.

This holiday season show Grandma just how much you care. Gift her a present she’ll never forget.

Whether you’re buying an affordable gift, creating a memory, or crafting a gift of your own, give Grandma’s retirement years an extra spark of joy.

Buy An Affordable Gift

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With the holidays approaching, we have little time to select the perfect gifts for our loved ones. If you don’t have the time to craft a gift yourself, buying one is simpler and time effective.

With a limited budget, we have to make sure the perfect gift for Grandma is in our price range. Here is a list of affordable ideas your grandma might need these coming holidays.

  • Medical Alert System

Keep your grandmother safe 24 hours a day with an Alert1 medical alert system. Here at Alert1, we ensure your family’s peace of mind. We will keep your loved ones safe.

A medical alert system is the perfect gift for Grandma. Why? Because you and Grandma can feel tranquil knowing that anywhere Grandma goes, she has protection.

If you take Grandma on a vacation, bring along Kelsi, our mobile medical alert system. Kelsi will keep her safe on the go.

Is she staying home for the holidays? We’ve got you covered! Our home medical alert system will keep her secure within the boundaries of her home and yard.

Explore the medical alert systems here at Alert1, and find the ideal fit for your grandmother’s way of living. Express your gratitude towards her for protecting you as you grew older. It’s your turn to keep Grandma safe! With one of our medical alert systems, we can help you ensure your grandmother’s safety.

  • Best Grandma Ever Mug

Make your grandma’s day as she sips her morning coffee with a mug that reads “Best Grandma Ever.” Not only will this put a smile onto her face, but it will also brighten her mood all morning long.

You can find many objects with personalized messages including necklaces, bracelets, or picture frames. Provide your grandmother with happiness by gifting her one of these personalized items.

Create a Memory

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Every single one of us has a memory with Grandma we’ll never forget. Whether it was cooking your first pumpkin pie oatmeal recipe, an early morning beach trip, or starting a garden, you will cherish this memory forever.

One of the best gifts you can give is to form a new memory by spending time with the ones you love. Do something both you and Grandma will love. Spend the time you have with your grandmother by doing something innovative and unforgettable. Call it a “Grandma and Me” Day.

  • Grandma’s Garden

If Grandma does not have one already, spend the day with her planting a garden. Buy some flowers, soil, basic gardening tools, and you are good to go. Don’t forget to keep your grandma’s yard senior safe as you create her garden.

While out in the yard, keep your grandma protected with PAX mobile fall detection. This help button can detect if your grandma were to fall out in the yard and will automatically call for help within seconds. She will be protected 24/7, even when you can’t be with her.

  • Shop, Shop, Shop

Take your grandmother out for a shopping trip. Shop with her at her favorite stores, grab some lunch, watch a movie, and hit the spa. Spend quality time together and pamper yourselves.

Craft Something Special

I love you scrabble letters

Most of the best gifts are handmade. They are personalized in a way a store-bought item is not. Make your grandma a gift she will want to keep forever.

  • Trendy Tote

Grandma is always holding a bag. She takes one to the grocery store, one to the mall, and carries another on a daily basis.

Give your grandma a gift she can use every single day. Craft her a tote she will want to show off to her senior friends! All you have to do is buy a plain tote from your local art supply store and get creative. Draw or write on the tote with fabric paint or glitter glue and sew buttons to create a unique work of art.

  • Picture Frame with Scrabbled Letters

Grandma’s house is full of photos of her friends and family. Why not create a unique frame for her to display her photos in? This picture frame will enhance any location you choose to decorate. With some quick steps you can brighten up her living room.

You will first need to buy a blank picture frame, craft paper, some tiled letters, and small decorations to cover your frame with.

The first step is to select the image you will frame. Choose the image that speaks out to you; the one that’s memory you will never forget. The image you were glad was captured at a precise moment in time. The one where you and Grandma are having the time of your lives with smiles that reach from ear to ear. That Kodak moment.

After the image process is complete, it is time to scrabble some letters to give your frame an artsy touch. Words or short phrases such as Best Grandmother, Grandkids, Nana, and Grandma are all great ideas.

Once you’ve decided on the letters, try to connect these words to make it resemble an actual game of Scrabble;. Go a step further by adding small stickers, ribbon, or even jewels to give your frame the perfect look!

Once everything is complete, the last step is to insert the image inside the frame.

  • Meaningful Card
    card.alert1 medical alert systems

Cards are a special way to express compassion for Grandma. They are a classic holiday gift  with which you can never go wrong. Hand crafted cards are the ones that hold the most meaning, simply because you dedicated your time crafting something special.

This holiday, express your love to Grandma with meaningful words. Write your grandma a letter and reminisce about your favorite memories together. But don’t stop there; write about what you love most about Grandma and tell her just how much you care for her. Define your love towards her with the use of words, craft paper, and markers. Always remember that a piece of paper can carry great significance within.

Grandma’s Joy

Brighten up this holiday season with these special gifts for Grandma. Make her day by showing her your love. She will love that you dedicated your time to making something just for her.

No matter which gift you choose, you will bring her joy. The Alert1 team wishes you and your grandmother a happy holiday!