15 Family Activities Perfect for Grandparents Day

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Grandparents Day is a chance for you to create precious memories with your grandchildren. You make your grandchildren feel special, and they love spending time with you. Make this Grandparents Day a day to remember with these fun activities you can do both at home and out and about.

At Home Grandparents Day Activities

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Who said you need to leave the house to have fun? Choose from these 10 activities to have a blast when your grandchild comes to visit this Grandparents Day.

  • Complete a family tree. Your grandchildren rarely hear about your parents and grandparents.  Teach them about the family legacy and write it on a family tree so they will remember the stories for years to come.
  • Interview each other. Kids love listening to stories. Let your children get to know you by sharing memories about your youthful adventures. Then trade places and have them tell you some stories. You will both learn about each other, deepening your bond.
  • Cook a family recipe together.  Show your grandchild how you make your pies so delicious. Kids love mixing, stirring, pouring, and can be great little helpers. You may be on a diet, but it’s Grandparents Day, it’s okay to splurge!
  • Teach them something new. Your grandkids will love learning about your favorite hobbies, whether you knit or do woodworking. Teach them about what you love and then you can both try something new.
  • Break out the arts and crafts. Have some fun with paints, markers, glue and sparkles to create a masterpiece with your grandchild. Try making a bird feeder out of a toilet paper roll. Cover the roll in the peanut butter and seed and then hang it on a branch. Keep an eye out the window and as the birds test out your creation.
  • Play games. Take this opportunity to share your favorite card games with your grandchild. Then let your grandchild be the teacher and have them share their favorite video game with you. This is a great chance to learn about their interests.
  • Perform science experiments. Blow your grandchild’s mind by teaching them a few easy science experiments. Add some food coloring to water and olive oil then add little pieces of Alka-Seltzer to create into your very own lava lamp. For another easy experiment, construct the classic vinegar and baking soda volcano. Your grandchildren will love watching it erupt!
  • Plant some flowers or herbs. Give your grandchild a chance to get their hands dirty by teaching them how to plant their own garden. Get a small pot so your grandchild can take their new plant home and care for it themselves.
  • Have a tea party. It’s time to put that good china to use! Have a tea party complete with little sandwiches, cakes, scones and of course, tea. Your grandchild will enjoy pretending to be a proper little lady or gentleman as they serve you.
  • Play dress up. Pull out your old vintage clothes or dress up box and let your grandchild go crazy with their imagination. They will get a kick out of the fact that you use to wear this stuff. Older grandchildren may like the clothes enough to incorporate them into their closets. Everything comes back into style!

Out and About Grandparents Day Activities

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Are you and your grandchild feeling cooped up? Get out of the house this Grandparents Day with any of these fun activities your grandchild is sure to love.

  • Take a trip to the zoo, aquarium, or museum. These fun attractions are a great way to spend the day. Your grandchild will be in awe of what goes on under the sea or how people lived in the past. You never know, you might learn something new too!
  • Take a trip to the beach. Spend the day digging up sand crabs, chasing seagulls, and making sandcastles with your grandchild. You will feel like a kid again! Remember to slather on the sunscreen and wear your sunglasses.
  • Do a scavenger hunt. Make a list of fun items you can find in the park, such as a yellow leaf, a feather, and a Y-shaped twig. The grandkids will have a blast walking through the park with you collecting these items. For older grandchildren, make the hunt more difficult by creating rhyming clues they need to decipher.
  • Have a picnic. Whether it’s in your backyard or in the park, your grandchild will love eating lunch while stretched out on a blanket on the grass. Bring some music and a Frisbee to keep the fun going all afternoon.
  • Go swimming. Kids love the water and on a hot day it will be the perfect treat to cool off in the water of your local swimming pool, lake, or beach. Your grandchild will love splashing around with you. 

Have Some Grandparents Day Fun

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Grandchildren often seem to have unlimited energy. Here at Alert1 we want you to stay safe with your grandchild while you are having fun. With a medical alert system, you will stay protected at all times. Whether you need security around the house or protection on the go, we have you covered for any exciting day you have planned.

Make this Grandparents Day truly memorable for both you and your grandchildren. Spending time with your grandchildren is the greatest gift. This is a chance to show them your love and offer your advice and guidance. Let your grandchild know you are always there for them and that you are always ready to have some fun!