Why Risk It? Wear a Medical ID Bracelet

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Your youngest grandchild, Kenny, inherited your allergy for peanuts. His parents worry about how they're going to make his allergy known when he's old enough to start school. You've told them not to worry, as you've never had a problem with any cross contamination. Your daughter Sarah suggested getting Kenny a medical I.D. bracelet, and mentioned that it'd be beneficial for you too.

You're skeptical. What could a bracelet do to help keep you safe? After all, you got your medical alert device last year when your children expressed concern about your safety living on your own. You figure, that if anything goes wrong, you'll just use your medical alert device.

What Is a Medical ID Bracelet?

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A medical ID bracelet is a metal bracelet worn around your wrist that holds your specific medical information. It's used to alert paramedics that the person they are treating has a medical condition. The medical bracelet holds information on medical conditions, allergies, and medications.

How Does a Medical ID Bracelet Help Me?

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By getting a medical ID bracelet, you'd be able to wear the information about your peanut allergy right on your sleeve. In case of an emergency where you may not be able to speak, EMTs will have immediate access to your medical information for treatment. ID bracelets are easier for EMTs to access than your medical alert card that you carry in your wallet. If you forget your wallet at home, you won't have to worry with your bracelet around your wrist.

Isn't My Medical Alert Enough?

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You're wondering—why do you need something else? Your children encouraged you to get a medical alert device to help simplify your life. You were skeptical about that too, but you decided to get one to help ease their worrying. This medical ID bracelet seems to add another layer of complication. But, your medical alert and medical ID bracelet work hand in hand to help to keep you safe and make your life even easier.

How Do They Work Together?

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You're out at a restaurant eating dinner when you feel an allergic reaction coming on. You press the button on your PAX mobile medical alert to let the Alert1 Command Center know that you need an ambulance. Once the EMTs arrive, it's difficult for you to speak without coughing. Show your bracelet to the EMT responders, and they'll know to get you the correct medication.

Alert1's Command Center operators are trained to automatically send an ambulance to your location when you don't respond after pressing your button. If you are not able to speak after pressing your button, you'll know that help is on its way. Your medical ID bracelet will do the rest of the talking for you. EMT responders know to check for any medical ID wear, so you never have to worry about them missing your ID bracelet.

When you have both a medical alert device and a medical ID bracelet, there’s no need to fear accidents. While we never would wish an accident on anyone, we know they happen in life. Now you can stay one step ahead while knowing you're still protected.

Where Can I Get a Medical ID Bracelet?

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You can order medical ID bracelets from Alert1. We offer two different sizes on our bands, so you can find one that fits your wrist. Made out of stainless steel, our bracelets have a stretch band to slip around your wrist. They come with stickers listing various medical conditions. These go inside a panel that flips open on the band of the bracelet. A red star of life emblem is displayed on the front of the panel to alert responders to the presence of the bracelet.

EMT responders are trained to check for medical ID bracelets, so you'll never have to worry about making sure they know you have one. Plus, you'll be able to help your grandson Kenny feel better about wearing one by showing him that you have one too. He'll be thrilled to know that he has something that matches with his grandma.

Next Steps

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When Kenny starts school, you can help to ease his anxiety about wearing a bracelet. Ask the school if there are any other children there who have the same ID bracelet. Kenny will feel better knowing he's not the only one when school starts.

Why not do the same thing for yourself? Ask around at the senior center or your social clubs to see if anyone else has a ID bracelet. You'll feel better knowing that there's a community of seniors who understand what you are going through. The next time one of your friends asks you why you're smiling so much, tell them you've just found complete peace of mind.