Captivate Your Grandkids With These 11 Awesome Activities

Do you love being involved in your grandchild’s life, but have run out of exciting things to do?  There are many different activities for you to enjoy with your grandchildren. One of the best parts of being a grandparent is having fun your grandkids! Enjoying time together is the key to successful relationships.

Visit Local Parks

Geese in the park.alert1

It may seem like today’s children are captivated by their phones and videogames. Yet nothing compares to the experience of exploring the great outdoors. America has a large variety of beautiful parks. Exploring these parks is a fun activity for family members of all ages to enjoy. Try to spot the local wildlife, whether it be slippery newts or scampering chipmunks. Nature-loving kids will love the excitement of spotting different animals. Long walks through the different foliage is not only a learning experience, but a great way to burn calories.

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Arts and Crafts

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Allowing creativity to shine through drawing, painting, collages or knitting is an amazing bonding experience for people of all ages. Children are constantly exploring their imaginations. When you allow them to display that in a physical form, it helps develop the child’s cognitive abilities, self-expression, and innovation. Print out pages to color together or create fun creatures with model clay. 

Play Board Games

board game.alert1

Board games will always be a classic, fun time. Nothing says family bonding quite like some good old fashioned competition. There are so many fun board games to choose from that you will never be lacking in new options.

While board games are entertaining, they also allow your grandchildren to exercise their brains as they develop strategies on how to win. Board games are a good opportunity to keep multiple grandchildren entertained for long periods of time. Don’t forget to let the younger kids win once in a while if you are playing them one-on-one. Board games never fail to be an enjoyable family experience.

Bake Together

childs hand baking.alert1

It is no surprise that kids love to eat. Teach your grandchildren how Grandma’s famous cookies are made. Or open up your favorite cookbook and let the kids choose their favorite treat. Make sure your grandchild helps in the baking process. Kids are always eager to help their grandparents. Give them simple tasks such as pouring in the premeasured ingredients or mixing the bowl. Baking with Grandma is a fun learning experience for your grandchildren. You also get to enjoy a tasty treat together. Eat up!

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Read a Story

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Settle down for a peaceful time with your favorite childhood story. Children love fantastical stories where their imagination brings them to far off places. Be sure to get into character and have fun with different voices. Set the scene with a puppet show using your grandchild’s beloved stuffed animal. Make comments about what is happening in the book, or ask your grandkid open ended questions so they are active participators in the story. Reading to your grandchildren is a great bonding experience, they will be all ears. 

Play with Apps

pokemongo app.alert1

Today’s youth obsesses over new technology. Kids seem to love anything with a screen that they can interact with. Exploring different, new apps with your grandchildren is a fun new activity to try. Wow your grandchildren by being the cool, tech-savvy grandparent. Your grandchildren will gain lifelong cherished memories from the experience together.

Watch a Movie

movie popcorn.alert1

Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie? There are so many quality movies that are relatable to both young and adult audiences. Many animated movies have deep meaningful storylines to tag along with the cutesy artwork that appeals to children. These stories may just seem like light hearted comedies for children. Yet, there are actually many morals to these stories you can explore with your grandchild after watching these films. Friendship, respect, and self-confidence are excellent life lessons to discuss.

Tell Family Stories

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Kids love to hear stories about their families. These stories may be as simple as your first job or an adorable childhood pet. Through these oral histories, your grandchildren will understand what life was like growing up in a different time. Your grandkids may find that their lives are similar to yours as you were growing up. Sharing personal moments allow children to connect with you and give them a sense of what their family background is. Reminiscing about your past is an opportunity to start personal conversations with your grandchild about their present.

Play Dress Up

child in ladybug costume.alert1

It’s makeover time! Dress up your grandchild in some of your clothes or some cute costumes. Children love to play house and make believe. You can help them with these games by setting the scene. Do their hair and a little makeup for a fun time with many giggles. Don’t forget to let them experiment on you! Take pictures of the fun time and your grandchild will remember the experience for years to come.

Garden Together

vegetables from garden.alert1
Kids love to play outside and get dirty. Why not have them help outside in the family garden while they do so? Tending to a living thing is an important life skill to teach to your grandchildren. Children love to see that a little hard work will bring them plenty of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Not to mention you get to fill up your kitchen with your plentiful bounty.

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Play Sports

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It’s amazing how much entertainment can come out of tossing or kicking a ball around in the yard. From football to baseball or soccer, there are so many sports to choose from. While playing catch, you teach your grandchild the value of teamwork. As your grandkid improves how they shoot hoops, their sense of self-worth and accomplishment grows. Every sport encourages a healthier lifestyle for your grandchild and is great exercise for you.

Time to Get Active

Delight your grandchild by involving them in any of these activities. Your grandchild will be excited to spend quality time with their grandparent. Children have boundless energy to spend throughout the day. Fill them with gratitude by introducing a new activity to focus that energy on. You never have to hold back from having a good time when you are protected with Alert1 medical alert devices.