11 Best Deals in the Month of January

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The holidays are over. You’re back to work and your daily routines. The New Year is a time of new beginnings. Now’s your chance to set new goals for yourself in 2016. Goals that will improve your life. Goals that can save you a lot of money.

Saving money is hard. So get creative and take advantage of January’s sales. There’s no better time to shop. Why buy at full price when you can bargain for less?

Why does January have the best discounts? Because the holiday-shopping is over. Stores are not as busy this time of year and are desperate to get rid of the out-seasoned stock. This is your perfect opportunity to check what’s in store and get some good deals while you’re at it.

Here at Alert1, we want to help you accomplish your resolution of saving as much money as you possibly can. That’s why we have compiled the best deals that await you. So get your wallets ready folks, it’s time to do some discounted shopping.

Holiday Decorations

Christmas ornaments in tree

There is no better time to get your decorations for next year. Save money now and be ready for next year so you can avoid all of the holiday-prep ruckus.  Keep an eye out for:

1. Reusable Christmas Trees

Getting a reusable Christmas tree will save you more money than you think. How? Because you can reuse it year after year without buying another. Live trees can be expensive, and the costs add up.

 2. Christmas Lights

At the end of the holiday season you noticed that many of your Christmas lights had gone out. Don’t pack the burnt-out lights away only to discover you don’t have enough next year. Now’s your chance to get some brand new strands. Stores have deals up to 75% on all of their Christmas lights, so what are you waiting for? 

3. Ornaments

Take advantage of the season and find some new and improved decorations to make next year’s holiday even brighter. Stock up on ornaments now and get up to 50-75% off. Check out the clearance aisle for even better deals on ornaments.

Senior Safety

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 4. Medical Alert Systems

Stay safe this new year and get the best deal for your safety. Here at Alert1 we run special sales, so keep an eye out for our best deals ever! Choose from our variety of senior safety products such as a home medical alert system and mobile fall detection devices. Find the perfect fit and get yours today!

Winter Clothing

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Since the winter holidays are over and everyone has finished their holiday shopping, most clothing stores have started to discount their winter attire. Stores are preparing for the next season. Now’s your chance to get all the cozy clothing you need.

Some discounted winter attire items are:

5. Boots

Get your fur on and warm up your toes. Now is the perfect time to stock up because most stores are giving 20-70% off on their boots. Check out stores such as DSW, Macy’s, and Boot Barn.

6. Sweaters

Get cozy in a new warm sweater. Sweaters are now 20-50% off at your nearest JCPenny, Macy’s, and Old Navy. Don’t miss out!

7.  Jackets

 Winter jackets have the biggest sales going on. Discounts at stores such as Macy’s, Kohls, Target, and Nordstrom are worth a trip to the mall. You won’t find better deals on big puffy jackets or warm and fuzzy coats. Now’s your chance.


photographer holds nikon

Get all the electronics you need. You can find deals on TVs, home theater systems, cameras, and more. During the end of the month you’ll get even better deals since most stores are preparing to re-stock in February.

The best deals on electronics are at:

8. Amazon

You can find up to 20% off on TV’s and Blu-ray Players and 30% off on home theater systems, DVD players, and TV remote controls. They also have printers up to 50% off. A plus from buying at Amazon is there are no lines to worry about. You also don’t have to worry about carrying all of your new gadgets to your car.

9. Target

The best deals at Target in January are the TVs. They have a variety of TVs that are marked up to $200 off. With these deals it might be time to upgrade your TV.

10. Best Buy

Is it time for you to get a laptop? Best Buy has good deals for this week only. You can get laptops starting at $299.99 and $20 off Microsoft Office. If you want a touchscreen laptop, the best deals are up to $150 off.

If you’re looking to find a camera, Best Buy will give you the greatest discounts. You can find deals on Cannon DSLR’s or Nikon DSLR’s cameras and get up to $480 off. It’s time for you to shop shop shop and get the best deals.

11.  Fry’s

Desktops are the item to buy at Fry’s. They’re on sale from 22% - 50% off. Shop brands such as HP, Lenovo, and Dell to get the best deals in store. So get your internet ready folks, now’s the time to buy a computer. 

Discounted Shopping

There is nothing better than shopping for discounted prices. You get what you want at the price you have been looking for. That is why January has the best deals in store (and online) for you. So don’t miss out! Save a little cash and start the new year fresh.