The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

medical alert system in a gift box for mothers day

Updated 7/18/17 1:32pm | Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to show her how much you care. With all the different gift options, it becomes difficult to choose the perfect one.

The next thing you know, it’s the Saturday before Mother’s Day and you are rushing to find her a gift.

Say good-bye to your worries because Alert1 is here to help. Here is a list of Mother’s Day gifts that Alert1 has curated to help you make your mom happier than ever!

Bellabeat Leaf

bellabeat leaf wearable tech

Wearable health trackers are all the craze right now, and the Leaf by Bellabeat is the perfect one to gift Mom. ­The Leaf is a stylish jewelry wearable to help Mom track important areas of her life and health. With the Leaf Mom will be able to:

  • Track her daily activities. Mom can enter her height and weight and begin to track her health stats. The smart jewelry will tell her how many calories she burned, steps taken, and provide valuable feedback.

    It will even help Mom become more active by telling her if she has been inactive for too long.
  • Monitor and track her sleep quality. Based on your mother’s movement during the night, Leaf will track her sleep duration and patterns.

    This will allow Mom to gain insight on her quality of sleep, and figure out how to get the best sleep.
  • Practice mediation. If your mom is interested or enjoys mediation, the Leaf can help her stay on track. Leaf can track breathing and provide guided mediation coaching and breathing exercises. Leaf will help Mom naturally become calm, relax, and develop self-awareness.

For an in depth review of the Leaf and other wearables mom might enjoy, make sure to check out Alert1’s Reviews of Wearable Tech!

Alert1 Medical Alert

Woman wearing Alert1 Medical Alert

An emergency alert is a great gift! What better way to show Mom you care than to guarantee her safety and peace of mind? A medical alert will allow Mom to enjoy her golden years to her fullest. She will love a medical alert because it will allow her to:

  • Live more independently than ever before. Mom’s medical alert will keep her safe in all circumstances. She will be able live at home with independence since she knows that Alert1 is always there.
  • Never have fears of living alone. Whichever Alert1 unit you choose, it will keep mom safe and sound in her home for whatever may happen. She will have help just a button press away.
  • Experience the outdoors with security. With an Alert1 mobile medical alert, Mom can bring safety with her on the go. She can leave the house to do outdoor activities or even just enjoy a beautiful summer day. Whatever it is, the possibilities are endless and she will be safe 100% of the time. 



Two cups of herbal tea with mint

Gift Mom a monthly subscription box! A monthly box service like Teabox delivers tea right to her door step. Teabox is a great option for tea lovers who are always seeking new tea to try. Mom will love her Teabox because she will:

  • Get teas based on her personal preferences. You or your mom can enter her tea preferences and Teabox does the rest. They won’t send you a type of tea or flavor that does not fit your preferences.Mom can even use Teabox to explore different types of tea that she has never tried before.
  • Always have new teas to drink. Teabox has such a wide variety of tea that Mom will get new ones every month. Your mom’s tea drinking will never become dull since she will get new flavorful teas each month. If she ever wants to change it up, she can change her preferences and receive different types of tea. 
  • Receive a small gift every month. Monthly subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving. Teabox is a long-term gift that Mom will love. She can expect it every month and will always be surprised. If she loves a particular flavor, she can even order it specifically. 

Yoga Sessions

yoga classes

Gift Mom the activity of a few yoga sessions rather than a tangible item. It’s a great way to help her try something new that could even become a new hobby! Yoga sessions are a great gift for Mom since they:

  • Improve her flexibility and balance in a relaxing way. Yoga is a gentle and effective way for Mom to increase her flexibility and balance. It will also improve her strength, which all help to prevent falls. Mom will find a new activity that also benefits her safety.
  • Boost her mood and sharpen her mind. An activity like yoga will allows your mom to feel relaxed and more mindful in life. It will help calm her mind and improve her concentration and focus. If Mom is stressed out, practicing yoga will help her distress and improve her mood.
  • Can be used to spend quality time together. Use the yoga sessions as a way to do an activity together. You and mom can both get the benefits of yoga and start a new hobby that you will look forward to each time.

Check out Alert1’s Ultimate Yoga Resource Page for Seniors to learn all about yoga and its many benefits. 

eBook Reader

ebook reader

Does Mom enjoy reading? Get her an eBook reader; they are the perfect gift for any book lover! Mom will love her new e-book reader because it:

  • Takes up less space than paper books. A single eBook reader is smaller and thinner than a bunch of physical books. And its size doesn’t take away from its usefulness. Mom can adjust the text size to settings so that she always reads comfortably.
  • Keeps all her favorite books in one place. Mom will have access to countless books that are ready to go at her fingertips. She can access all kinds of different genres she loves and even explore new ones, all in her eBook reader.
  • Is portable enough to bring anywhere! If Mom wants to enjoy a book on a beautiful summer day, she can go to the park and read while relaxing outdoors. On a trip, she can fly through three books and not have to lug them around.

Make Mom Feel Special

happy mom and daughter

Now that you have Alert1’s suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts, make Mom feel special in the best way possible. But remember, the most important thing you can give your Mom this Mother’s Day is your love and affection. Whatever you chose to gift her, make sure she feels appreciated and cared for.

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