Alert1 Recommends Senior Friendly Websites and Applications

Updated 7/23/15 1:33pm | Alert1 understands that from time to time you want somebody to talk with. As many older adults live on their own, it's common for seniors to seek out someone to talk to. With a medical alert system, you're able to "call in" no matter how big or small the situation. Our 24/7 command center responds to you and will be more than glad to hear from you.

In Sakai, Japan, a woman was recently arrested for calling the police station 15,000 times in a period of 6 months. She reportedly made 927 calls to the police in one day. Japanese police arrested her. She is ruled as mentally competent, and officials speculate that she is feeling lonely. Wow!

In this article we recommend to you a few senior activities for the chronically bored:

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Subscribe and Follow What Interests You

Did you know that like the television, the Internet has “channels” too? Social Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are simple to use and require only an email address for sign up. Facebook allows you to browse companies and people (maybe your family and friends!). Twitter lets you message a variety of local, national, and global personalities. Pinterest is a stream of pictures organized by themes, ranging from recipes and stuffed animals to quilts and crafts! Which channel interests you?

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Stay in Constant Contact with Loved Ones

Have you ever made a video call online? You can with a free Skype account that helps you to talk (and see) your distant children and grandchildren at any time! Now you can keep close contact to the ones you love on a daily basis. You can monitor your loved ones and check in regularly with them. This cutting edge technology tears down the barriers of isolated living and is especially useful for seniors in assisted living facilities. 

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Lookout for Internet Scams

Note that if you’re new to the internet, there are many precautions you should take. Internet fraud is rampant and you can’t take everything at face value. Online you’ll often come across tricky sites that collect personal information. The damage can be life altering if a malicious hacker steals your address, credit card or social security number. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything thats offering you discounted medicines or free appliances. 

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Rotary and Kiwanis move over!

Looking for folks in your area who share your interests? Websites such as organize clubs and meetings of senior citizens in your local region. Interest groups range from Animal Clubs to Christian Groups to anything else in between. You’ll find renewed vigor and plan trips to connect with other locals who are just like you. These online services bring you closer to groups that have similar hobbies, affiliations and lifestyles. 

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You’re NEVER too old!

A 90 year old man in England overcame the loss of his wife and son by reentering into the world.

How, you say?

Through the internet.

Unrestrained by his age, health, and most importantly of all, mobility, he was able to share stories, learn about different cultures and meet new people.

Try it out! You’ve got nothing to lose – only time. Send a message to Alert1 below if you would like help getting started!