Alert1 Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

Alert1 loves that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has done so much good for ALS awareness and donations, and we are accepting the Challenge! Our senior medical alert systems are waterproof so that you can call for help anytime 24/7 - even after being bathed in icy water! Watch the video of our ice water dousing below, and keep reading to learn why we challenged who we did:

We've challenged Alert1's own Troy Pearson, and RE-CHALLENGED Martha Stuart and Netflix's Reed Hastings for their lack of water usage. That's what actually makes it cold! Watch these senior celebrities and their ALS challenge videos below to see for yourself:

We've challenged Alert1's own Troy Pearson, and RE-CHALLENGED Martha Stuart and Netflix's Reed Hastings for their lack of water usage. That's what actually makes it cold! Watch their videos below to see for yourself:

Reed Hastings:

Martha Stewart:

What is ALS?

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a neurodegenerative illness that strikes 1 in 1,000 Americans. It destroys the connections in the brain and spinal cord that control movement, resulting in inability to breathe, paralysis, and death. Scientists do not know what causes ALS, and there is no effective treatment. But in the last 5 years, thanks to the human genome project, they have come closer than ever to understanding it. The money from the Ice Bucket Challenge will allow scientists to explore all of the exciting possibilities in treating and preventing this devastating illness.

Would a medical alert system help someone with ALS?

A senior medical alert system is perfect for anyone requiring moderate medical monitoring. As you progress in the stages of ALS, motor functions are impaired and it’s difficult to actually use the senior help button. Alert1’s automatic fall detection system would protect ALS sufferers in the instance they’re unable to personally trigger the button. Also they’d be protected from hazardous falls associated with neuron that contract muscles.

Many of our Alert1 members have difficulties controlling muscle movement, which is why our fall detection medical alert system is one of our best services. Once the advanced motion sensing technology detects you have fallen, your Circle of Care is immediately notified. The notification process ensures that your loved one isn’t left alone in the event of an emergency. Our 24/7 Alert1 command center receives your distress signal, and then quickly works to get the help you need. The certified TMA 5 Diamond trained operators will even notify your caregivers and medical support team to keep them updated on your status. 

How much has been raised for ALS so far?

As of this writing, the ALS Association has received $94.3 million since July 29th, when the Challenge went viral. That’s DOUBLE the donations it received in all of 2012. Amazing! And you can add in the uncountable amount of awareness that ALS has gained from the millions of videos posted to social media.

$94.3 million is a huge amount of money – are you wondering where it is going to go? Barbara Newhouse, president and CEO of The ALS Association has said: “The ALS Association has been given a great deal of money and with that comes tremendous responsibility. We are absolutely committed to transparency and will be communicating regularly with the ALS community, our donors, the media and the public about progress to invest these dollars wisely in areas that will have maximum impact on the fight against this devastating disease.”

Are Alert1 medical alerts waterproof?

Yes they are! The help button is perfectly happy to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge with us.

Being waterproof means our members never have to be without their Alert1 protection – even if they are taking a shower, doing dishes, or washing the dog. You never know when an emergency might strike, but having a senior medical alert system means you can call for help at the push of a button at any time.

When you push the help button, within moments a comforting voice will come on the line to speak with you. Our trained and US-based operators will be able to quickly send you the help you need, and they will stay with you until that help arrives. We are dedicated to keeping you safe.