8 Easy Ways to Help You Understand Your Grandchild

Updated 7/28/15 1:12 pm | Alert1's interactive quiz will guide seniors and older adults towards a better understanding of your Millennial. You love your grandchildren dearly and cannot wait to see them, but spending time with them these days might be more than a little confusing. You’ve known them since they were in diapers, but now you can hardly understand the things they talk about. Posting on Facebook? Tweeting? Snapchatting? Messaging? Instagram? They are growing up in a less senior-friendly digital world that’s very different from the one you and I remember from our childhood.

Connect with Millennials

Every grandparent want to spend time with their grandkids and connect. How do you connect with them when you don’t understand what they are talking about? Don’t worry! You can connect with loved ones on social media and learn what what’s happening in their world. Plus, seniors everywhere can gain new ways to talk, write and share pictures with their grandkids - even when you can’t be with them.


To get started, take our quiz!

  1. It will help you understand what your grandkids are talking about
  2. You’ll see how your knowledge stacks up to that of your peers
  3. Get a few key facts to help get those conversations started

Age in Place with Social Media

Still a little skeptical? Don’t be scared, increasing your senior internet presence is a healthy goal. Research from the Stanford Center for Longevity has shown that Senior Citizens represent the fastest growing demographic of users on social media. Pew Research reported in 2014 that social networking among internet users 50 and older has reached 65% and continues to grow. The advent of social media used to represent solely younger adults but the shift towards including seniors has become quintessential. The Baby Boomers represent a large population of the world today and they remain to be one of the quickest to adapt to new technologies and software advancements. So get on board. The chances are your friends are already there and can help explain things to you.

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Join Along with Your Peers

Talk to your over 65 friends and join their senior social circle. Chances are they are already using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For many of these sites, starting to use them is as simple as creating an account with an email address. Once you have done that you can begin using them immediately and learning your away around. You’ll be warmly welcomed with hysterical videos your friends send to you. Or there may be a social group nearby whom you join online and next thing you know you signed up to go skiing together. And dont’ forget to ask your friends if you need a tutorial: You can surely have them help you get setup and start making connections.

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Connect With New Friends or Groups of People

Barriers of communication are non-existent on social media. When seniors join social media, they’re empowered to connect with peoples, communities, and organizations. Groups and organizations are almost required to have a presence and this enables you to start a conversation. Social networking largely influences the lives of many around the world and doesn’t look to be discontinued in the near future. The involvement of a broad spectrum of users helps illustrate the views of people from different walks of life. You and countless other seniors can now share experienced insights and connect with society as a whole. 

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Adults over the age of 65 who are choosing to age in place, are finding great ways to engage in new activities and keep in touch with friends and family using their computer. Social media presents the opportunity to easily share experiences, view life enriching content, or receive advice online. Seniors that post content on social media are certain to be seen or heard—the feedback you receive can point out a host of different perspectives you never even considered. As with any online technology, beware of online scams and schemes that attempt to collect your sensitive information or hack into your account.