7 Activities to Keep You Moving for Senior Day

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Updated 7/31/17 | Jumpstarting your aging loved ones and keeping seniors healthy and happy is Alert1’s priority. National Senior Health and Fitness Day, or Senior Day, aims to get seniors moving. The official day to celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness is on May 28th but Alert1 thinks seniors can celebrate your vigor and liveliness every day.

Organizations and agencies such as nationwide Area of Aging agencies sponsor Senior Day. These groups will lead health workshops and activities centered on fitness. Events range from health screenings to informational health sessions. For example, group fitness walks organized by a local health group can start your morning Senior Day.

First, Why is Senior Health Important?

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A large part of maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle is to not neglect physical activity. Being more active helps to delay or prevent health issues such as heart disease or senior onset osteoporosis.

  • The United Health Foundation 2014 study of senior health noted health challenges seniors face. The study recorded that 27.2 percent of males aged 65 and older don’t perform enough physical activities. For women, this rate goes much higher at a 34.3 percent.
  • Obesity rates proved to be similar. For men aged 65 and older, this was 26.2 percent. Women were a slight notch below at 25.5 percent.
  • Fitness and nutrition are key elements to your aging in place strategy. Combine your senior medical alert system with a regular health regimen. Doing this you will maintain strong and healthy bones which will support your fall prevention program. A daily dose of calcium supplements and regular exercise help maintain an enduring frame.



7 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Active

Alert1 aims to keep our members safe and protected.

The seven low-impact activities for seniors below can help keep your physical activity going. Match a different activity to each day of the week to create your own routine!

1. Swim

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Swimming provides health benefits galore. That first splash into the water may be cold but the healthy regimen that follows is worth it. And when in doubt, just keep swimming.

  • Do you need to improve breathing and lung functions? Go for a swim.
  • Need an exercise without any stress on your body or joints? Go for a swim.
  • Need an aerobic exercise that allows you to maintain your own pace? Go for a swim.

2. Water Aerobics

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Keep a theme going and join a water aerobics class.

  • There is a variety to choose from so you are never bored. 
  • From aqua jogging to water yoga, the options are endless. 
  • A signup at your local gym or YMCA will get you moving through the water.

3. Dance

If you are looking to mix social with fitness, dancing is the way to go.

  • Dancing’s not only a social activity but it’ll keep your heart pumping. 
  • Sets goals that not only boost confidence but give you a sense of accomplishment. And each new dance move is a new challenge to overcome. 
  • Find your dancing shoes and go salsa or tango or tap! Choose a dance that fits your personality.

4. Hike

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Hiking is an activity where you forget that you are exercising. The focus centers on nature and fresh air. The scenery you can find yourself in could be breathtaking.

  • The outdoor breeze and scent of the woods will invigorate you for the rest of the day. A morning sunrise could be the right start to your day.
  • Find the nearest trails and map out a route. Hike with a buddy or in a group. Hiking paths range based on fitness level. This can vary from a plain, flat trail to hills. Choose what’s comfortable for you. 
  • Pretty soon you’ll lose yourself in the conversation and in the environment. You can enjoy the outdoors all the more with a mobile medical alert system; after all you never know when you need to call for help, especially on a loose trail with uneven footing.



5. Stretch

As we age our muscles may not be as light and limber as they used to be. Take the time to stretch each day.

  • A thirty-second to a minute stretch each day will do wonders. Remember to breathe and move at your own pace. 
  • Aim for all parts of the body. This includes your neck, shoulders, upper arms, back, ankles, legs, hips and calves. 
  • Stretching each day will help prevent future injury that may lead to hospital stays and a loss of independence.

6. Row

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Or, to be more precise, use the erg in your local gym.

  • If the dead winter keeps you indoors, opt for the rowing machine.
  • This aerobic activity works a range of muscles on your body.
  • The back and quads are the primary focus but your arms and core follow suit. 

7. Walk the Dog

Walk the dog. alert1 medical alert systems

Sometimes, a leisure activity can be a simple workout.

  • An outing with your canine companion can turn to a brisk walk that keeps you moving. 
  • Make walking the dog a daily habit that motivates you get out of the house and exercise with your animal friend.
  • No dog? Take a walk with a friend and catch up. Or, listen to your favorite tunes.

Join in on Senior Day Activities

Join seniors nationwide and celebrate Senior Day. Try out these seven suggestions. Or, try each activity for the following week. The goal is to find an activity that fits your aging in place plan. Just get out there, move and have fun!