The 6 Dangers You Didn’t Know About Walking

Walking through a scary forest

Last Updated 9/21/17 10:03am | When you think about dangerous activities, what comes to mind? Do you think about skydiving? Or playing Russian roulette? I bet you could think of a million things that are "dangerous", and walking would not be one of them.

How could walking be a dangerous activity? After all, you walk every day. From simple falls to getting lost, walking can be dangerous is you're not prepared.

Medical alert devices like Alert1’s Kelsi Pro with fall detection are great for walks. Since Kelsi Pro uses GPS to locate the wearer’s location in case of emergencies, walkers can go near and far without fear.

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The Kelsi Pro pendant features a helpful little button that sends out a beacon for help with just one push. If you fall and cannot press the button, don't panic. The fall detectors within the pendant signal for help when it senses a fall or if you press the help button. And with GPS technology, you can rest assured that help will find you whether you're conscious or not. 

Below are all the possible dangers that could arise when out on a walk. But don’t worry, because a Kelsi Pro medical alert system will help in every situation. 

Danger #1: Falling

A pothole on a street

One of the most common dangers associated with walking is tripping and falling. Sometimes your foot coordination is off and you miss a step. But sometimes, it’s not even your fault! Dangers like jagged sidewalks and fallen branches may litter your path. This makes your leisurely walking route more like an obstacle course.

If you trip whilst walking and are injured, Kelsi Pro is there to help. Think of the Kelsi Pro as your helper-upper, to get you back up on your feet again. With one push of a button, your neighbor, daughter, or EMS will be alerted to your situation. Help will be immediately dispatched to get you up and on your way to the doctor, if need be. Don’t know where you are? Not to worry—Kelsi Pro can pinpoint your location thanks to GPS technology inside the pendant.  

In a matter of seconds, your loved ones will know if you’re okay or not—and to avoid that nasty pothole on Main St.

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Danger #2: Animal Attacks

A mountain lion on the prowl

A nighttime stroll seems like a great way to end your long day—brisk air and exercise is great for the body and soul. But what happens when a nighttime stroll turns into a desperate sprint for your life?

Coyote and mountain lion attacks happen more often at night than any other time of the day. This is the time when these animals feel safe enough to venture out into our community to look for food. 

If you find yourself face-to-face with a snarling mountain lion, press the button. You can let the operator know exactly what your situation is, and that you need help. This may be an extreme situation, but if you’re prepared for it you’re more likely to survive to tell the tale.

Danger #3: Assault

A man lurking in the shadows

Do you see someone lurking in the shadows? Perhaps a person is walking too close behind you. Don’t hesitate—press the button!

Pressing the button will alert someone to your potential assault. The operator can stay on the line with you until you feel safe again. Not only that, but the lurker is now aware that you have just contacted someone for help, and they are on the way. That act alone will be a deterrent to anyone considering assault.

Most crimes committed are crimes of opportunity. Let the lurker know that there is no opportunity here so you can be on your merry way.

Danger #4: Abduction

A suspicious looking white van

Sorry to break it to you, but there is another danger associated with walking.

You shouldn't have to worry about an abduction while you're out on a walk. But the truth of the matter is it IS possible. Heaven forbid that you ever have to experience such a tragedy, but if you do—let's hope you have your Kelsi Pro on.

Kelsi Pro doesn't look like a cell phone or a tabletin fact, I think it looks more like a garage opener. If you were abducted, who would confiscate your garage opener? Your cell phone, yes. But not a garage opener.

Discreetly press the button on your "garage opener" to send out a beacon for help. Let the operator know that you're in danger through the two-way microphone. Your Kelsi Pro pendant will locate you with GPS and help will immediately be on the way.  

Alert1's Kelsi Pro can stop dark situations like abductions in their tracks.

Danger #5: Getting Lost

Hikers exploring a canyon

One of my favorite activities is to go out on a hike. I love exploring and appreciating nature, going wherever the wind takes me. Granted, sometimes I get lost. For those of us who have no sense of direction, Kelsi Pro is a godsend.

If you find yourself lost while out on an adventure, press the button on your medical alert device. Kelsi Pro’s GPS will find you—you don’t need to know your coordinates.

If only James Franco was wearing his Kelsi Pro pendant in “127 Hours”! 

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Danger #6: Pokémon Go

Pokemon logo

To end things on a lighter note, I’ll end with the last danger associated with walking: Pokémon Go.

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, the newest game for mobile devices, Pokémon Go, has taken the nation by storm. Everyone and their mother is playing this game.

Although this game is played on your phone, you need to go out to real-world locations to play. Since the game's release, there have been a ton of Pokémon-related accidents reported.

Some have walked off cliffs. Some have got hit by cars, while others got into car accidents. A handful of people have got mugged. Sounds like a fun game, right?

Apparently so. People continue to play, and reports of Pokéaccidents continue to flow in. If you find yourself playing Pokémon Go (because let's face it—you will), make sure you have Kelsi Pro with you.

If you find yourself walking off a cliff, Kelsi Pro will ensure that your Pokémon playing days aren't over. Press the button whenever you face trouble, and help will be dispatched to your location.

Sure, you might have tripped over yourself trying to catch that rare Pokémon. But hey, at least you got that Snorlax. And while you’re busy powering up and evolving all your Pokémon, someone will be en route to help you up. Now that’s a successful Pokéhunt in my book!

Walk Tall

A hiker happily traversing her route

With Alert1’s Kelsi Pro, you can walk tall wherever and whenever you please. What is there to fear when you have a life-saving tool with you at all times? No feat is too great for you and your Kelsi Pro pendant. Bring on those fallen branches and hard-to-reach Pokémon. With Kelsi Pro, you can talk the talk and walk the walk.