5 Ways to Stay Active While Connecting with Friends

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Updated 08/08/2017 2:45pm | Let’s face it: it’s not easy to get into the routine of working out. Particularly if you’re suffering from a loss of mobility or previous injury. You’re not alone - your friends probably feel the same way. Why not include them in your fitness efforts to make it a win-win for everyone? Here are 5 new ways to combine exercise with socializing. 

Join a Workout Class at your Community Center

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Exercising at your local community center is great if you feel nervous about working out. Community centers specialize in fitness classes for seniors. Invite a neighbor or friend to a fitness class and see how much fun you have together. If you don’t have any friends in your neighborhood, this is a great place to meet seniors in your area.

Why community centers are great:

  • Classes are designed for seniors. These classes are tailored to suit those over 50 years old. The instructors are knowledgeable and create modified classes that benefit everyone.
  • Classes are affordable. Most cost less than $10 per class. Ask your community center about flexible passes that allow you to try a variety of classes. This way you can see which type of workout you and your pals most enjoy.
  • Classes are great for trying new activities. Trying new classes is easy, because everyone is on the same level. These classes offer a variety of low impact and modified movements.
  • Classes create community. Meet new friends in class and invite them to coffee after your workout.  The connections that are built in these centers transcend the fitness class. 

Take on Home Projects with a Friend


Stay home, get your body moving and tackle your to-do list by doing home projects with a friend.

When I called my grandma last week, she sounded both tired and happy. Turns out she and my great aunt were in the middle of painting my grandma’s living room. My grandma had been putting this off for a while since it was too much physical work for one person.

Between moving the furniture and taping the walls, she needed to split the work load to get it done.  So, she enlisted the help of her sister. Together it was the perfect amount of physical work to get some exercise in without feeling exhausted.

Benefits of taking on home projects with a friend:

  • Home projects are a workout. Home renovations are a good form of exercise to work out your muscles. Find projects around the house that take a couple hours of physical work. During that time, your body is moving, building muscle, and you’re getting your heartrate up.
  • Home projects are easier with a friend. You will feel great checking projects off your list, and may end up having fun doing it. These tasks can be daunting, so don’t go at them alone.  Grab a friend or two and do it together! 
  • Home projects can be reciprocated. Return the favor by helping around your friend’s house. Don’t worry; you don’t have to tackle it all on the same day. When you are able to help, you’ll reap the good feeling of helping a friend get their home projects done. 

Get the Benefits of Personal Training

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Bodies change as we age. With these changes comes uncertainly of what its capable of. Personal trainers are great for anyone facing new physical limitations.

Here’s how personal trainers benefit seniors:

  • Personal trainers are experts in fitness. They understand the way the body moves, how to strengthen it and how to overcome setbacks. You will find peace of mind working with a trainer who respects your limitations.
  • Personal trainers are built-in gym buddies. Going to the gym alone is no fun.  Now you never have to work out alone. The awesome thing about a personal trainer is they’re like built-in gym buddies. Naturally a bond will grow as you work out together.
  • Personal trainers provide personally tailored workouts. Your fitness goals are important to you. They could ultimately mean more mobility and stronger muscles. A personal trainer provides workouts specifically designed with your goals in mind. 

Walk Around the Neighborhood

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If the gym isn’t your niche, walking is a convenient way to stay active. There are many health benefits to walking, one of which is a prolonged life. Daily walks help fight off disease, boost your mood, and strengthens your muscles. All it takes is one pair of shoes, a friend or two, and a path to be on your way to better health.

Get the most out of your walks when you:

  • Invite friends. Take your walk a step further by inviting your neighbors and friends to join you. You will feel great connecting with those you care about while getting in your exercise. Even if you already take walks, you will notice how much more you enjoy it when accompanied by loved ones. Chatting and laughing your way to better health will be the highlight of your week.
  • Enjoy the scenery. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the squirrels playing along the grass. Taking time out of your walk to be present helps reduce stress and increase happiness. Talk to your friends about what you’re seeing. They might be missing the beauty that you’re experiencing in that moment.
  • Try new routes. Keep your walks exciting by trying new routes. Whether you walk the route in reverse or walk down new streets, the experience will be totally different. This decreases the chance of your daily walks becoming monotonous. 

Go on a Hike

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Your walking buddies may be ready to try a new location. You can only walk so many routes around the neighborhood. Your local hiking trails are a great next step in your walking routine.

Benefits of taking your walks to the hiking trails:

  • Hiking trails are great for all fitness levels. Check the maps at the base of the trail to choose a path that matches your walking groups’ physical ability. Most trails offer a variety of paths. So, no matter your starting point, there’s a trail for your group.
  • Hiking can challenge you. Each hike will bring you closer to being in shape. Try taking a new, more difficult path every few hikes. This will keep you challenged while boosting your confidence from achieving new fitness heights.
  • Hiking trails can take you off the beaten path. Be sure to take your PAX with you. This mobile alert device protects you wherever you are, even on remote trails. This device’s GPS allows the Command Center to locate you, even if you’re lost. Go with confidence and see where the trail takes you.

Don’t Doubt, Work Out!

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The key to aging in place and living independently is continuing to live the life you enjoy. No matter how you choose to be active and social, you will feel better and healthier when you do.  Make sure you have your Alert1 medical when to stay protected while exercising.

Even if fitness is new to you, you can decide to get healthy at any age. The important thing is that you start. Make this easier by getting the motivational help you need from a friend or two. You will feel great when you get your heartrate up and get out the door. 

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