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13 Things a SuperSenior Would Have In His/Her Toolkit

1. A Clear Calendar/Date Planner

Updated 7/22/15 3:00 pm | From doctor's appointments to birthday parties to anniversaries, there is a lot for busy SuperSeniors to keep track of, and a planner is essential for managing it all. See this useful article to break free from the everyday and plan for a more active and engaged lifestyle. 

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2. Valid Passport

For the jet-setting SuperSenior, having up-to-date identification means the difference between a vacation in Newfoundland and two weeks stuck in New Jersey! Plan your next trip with our helpful guide for the traveling senior

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3. A Cell Phone You Actually Use

Staying in touch is important to SuperSeniors, but it can be hard with the wrong phone. From “smart” to simple, there are many phone models available with any service provider.

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4. An Enjoyable Exercise Regimen

Hate the treadmill? Try taking a scenic walk. Do traditional exercises cause you pain? Think about trying a low-impact activity like swimming, water aerobics, or yoga. Working out doesn’t have to be miserable. Follow the link to read more on senior-friendly exercises. 

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5. Discount Cards

SuperSeniors are eligible for discount cards and codes that will save them big bucks on anything from medications to boating equipment to gym memberships.

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6. Medical Alert Jewelry (Or Wallet Card)

It’s a good idea to list any medical conditions, medications/doses, and emergency contact information on a card in your wallet. You can also have this information engraved on a bracelet or necklace. There are many medical jewelry options now, and they range from the utilitarian to the fashion-forward! 

Learn more about Medical Alert Jewelry

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7. A Great Doctor

Not all doctors are created equal, and it's important for a SuperSenior to like and trust  the medical professionals they go to. Doctors are essential in the quest to stay healthy, even when nothing’s wrong.

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8. A Packed Schedule

Seeking out new activities is key to beating boredom, forging friendships, and connecting to the community. SuperSeniors join cycling clubs, run meditation circles, attend movie nights, and more. Never a dull moment!

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9. A Sense of Humor

Whether they're reading a funny book or cracking wise with a group of friends, SuperSeniors know that having a good time can make big difference. Life is to be enjoyed, after all.

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10. A Tablet Computer

For a SuperSenior, a tablet is like a digital Swiss Army knife: it's an e-reader, email system, web browser, photo album, camera, day planner, television, and more. Tablets make magnification easy, and feature touch-screen displays. Plus, they’re just fun. 

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11. An Arsenal Of Helpful Gadgets

The savvy SuperSenior is all about “assitables:” high-tech magnifiers, robotic vacuums, heating blankets, and “reachers” and “grabbers” that’ll help in getting things off of high shelves. Nothing will keep you from the cookie jar now!

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12. Subscriptions

Subscription services are a great way for SuperSeniors to get their favorite things brought right to them. From cupcakes to e-books, there’s a subscription for it!

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13. A Great Support System

One of the most important aspects of the SuperSenior toolkit is a network of reliable and caring loved ones. Whether they are on hand during a difficult time or joining in celebration, a SuperSenior’s nearest and dearest are there when it counts - and vice versa.

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