12 Must-Have Cooking Gadgets for Seniors

chopping bell pepper

We hold our loved ones close to our hearts. We want them to be safe at all times, especially in the kitchen.

The kitchen isn’t the safest place in the home, but with the perfect cooking gadgets, it can be.

With senior-safe cooking gadgets, your mind will be at ease knowing your loved one will be safe in their kitchen. Your loved one will also love the peace of mind of having a senior-safe kitchen.

Alert1 cares about your loved ones and appreciates their desire to be in the kitchen.


spatula on pizza
  • Tongs: To ensure your loved one does not accidentally burn themselves while cooking something hot, they should have tongs within reach. This way if they are boiling potatoes, they don’t have to worry about hot water splashing all over their hands.
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives: A knife is a useful utensil, but it is also a very dangerous one. That is why we recommend a Pure Komachi 2 high carbon stainless steel knife. This knife is lightweight and easier to grasp. The knife’s smooth coating makes it easier to clean. It’s also scratch resistant!
  • Spatula: For those who love cooking, a spatula is hands-down the needed cooking utensil. Wooden or plastic, a spatula is useful for flipping, spreading, or lifting all types of food—especially from hot surfaces.


two pieces of garlic
  • Slap Chop: To make things easier in the kitchen, a slap chop will do the trick. This gadget is perfect for chopping onions; your loved one won’t have to worry about tears running down their face! It is the go-to when making guacamole. There is no need for your senior to get avocado all over their hands with this awesome device.
  • Step-Stool: If you have shelves in your kitchen that are hard to reach, that’s when a step-stool can come in handy. Your loved one will be able to reach for anything in the top cabinets with no problem!
  • Garlic-Crusher: Do you or your loved one have trouble crushing garlic? Say no more! A garlic-crusher is what you need to make preparing garlic easier. This gadget can save your loved one lots of time in the kitchen.


crock pot
  • Crockpot: To avoid hot temperatures while cooking, a crockpot is a must. These wonderful cooking pots are awesome for their relatively low temperatures. Although using a crockpot can require some preparation time, it is less risky for seniors to handle. This will give you peace of mind knowing your loved one is less likely to have an accident with a surface at high temperature.
  • Non-Stick Cooking Pan: It can be dangerous un-sticking food from a hot pan. A non-stick cooking pan makes cooking easier since it allows food to cook without sticking to the pan.
  • Cast Iron Cookware: This low- melt-temperature cookware is perfect for seniors! Since it cooks on low-heat, a senior is less at risk from accidently burning herself. This wonderful cookware also has a non-stick surface!

Everyday Use

food thermometer
  • Measuring Cup: A measuring cup is always helpful in order to properly follow the guidelines of a recipe. Whether it’s baking cookies, or cooking their grandchildren’s favorite recipe, your loved one will surely use their measuring cup for years.
  • Lettuce Drainer: Have you or your loved one ever wondered if there was an easier way to drain the water out of lettuce without the lettuce getting too soggy? Well this lettuce drainer is the way! Your loved one’s salads will never have looked better.
  • Thermometer: The key to perfectly cooked meat is measuring its internal temperature throughout the entire cooking process. This way, when the meat is at the perfect temperature it can be pulled out of the oven to serve and won’t accidently overcook. 

Senior Safety in the Kitchen

healthy meal

Having a senior safe kitchen will not only give you peace of mind, but it will keep your loved one happy to be doing what they love to do—cooking. It’s a win-win situation! Next time you visit your loved one, bring this list of necessary cooking gadgets to share. Your loved one will feel grateful you care about their safety and their love for being in the kitchen.

Once your loved one has all of these cool and safe gadgets, gather a list of recipes you and your loved one have always wanted to try. Cooking with your loved one will ensure quality time with a deliciously yummy meal. What’s there not to love about that? So don’t hesitate. Create a checklist of the gadgets your loved one already has and what they still need in order to stay safe in the kitchen. Set the timer folks, the chef is ready to cook!