Fun Senior-Friendly Activities for the Summertime

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Updated 8/24/14 10:04am | Alert1 wants to be sure seniors everywhere get active this summer! For many seniors this time of year is spent cooped up indoors, avoiding the heat. Add some variety into your life and get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. There is nothing better than breathing in fresh air and soaking up some vitamin D. Getting out and about also gives seniors a chance to socialize with others.

If you are worried about your safety when you leave the house,Alert1has you covered. Just bring our mobile medicalalert system that will protect you wherever you go. Help is just the push of a button away. Maybe your joints and bones can’t handle running around like they use to, but you can still get out and about during the summer! Here are some suggestions for some low-impact ways to get outside and enjoy the weather while staying happy and healthy. 

Seniors enjoying the sunshine

tai chi for seniors

Take a walk

Walking is a great, low-impact way for you to stay physically fit and all you need is proper shoes. Take a walk in the early morning or in the evening to avoid the heat. Walk somewhere new every time to keep it exciting. For even more health benefits, walk fast to get your heart rate up. Try to get your friends and family to walk with you at least once a week to keep everyone active.


Golfing is a great low intensity activity that will get seniors outdoors to have fun. Sign up for a class or club if you are new to the sport. Hit the golf course early in the morning to beat the heat or stick to a driving range in the shade.

Tai Chi

The continuous flowing movements of Tai Chi improves flexibility and are gentle on joints and muscles. Tai Chi and be done indoors or out, alone or with a group. It’s never too late to try something new, and your joints will enjoy the gentle movement.

Seniors cool off by the water

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Water Aerobics

Swimming is an ideal activity for seniors because it is easy on the joints. Sign up for some water aerobics classes that will get your heart rate up without the joint pain. Many senior centers offer water aerobics classes, or you can look for local swimming and rec centers.


Get out on the cool water and grab a kayak! Kayaking works the arms and core while your legs get to hang out and enjoy the ride. See some breathtaking sights while burning some calories.


Fishing is a great, slow paced activity for all ages. Cast from the shore or pier. No need to stand up all day - you can sit down in the shade. Get the grandchildren involved and teach them a thing or two. Alert1’s catch of the day is our fall detection medical alert, which is our most popular offering in the senior care industry.

Older adults taking it easy

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Sports games

Maybe you don’t have the stamina to sit through a whole world cup sports game, but children’s sports game is just the right pace. Go to a grandchild’s game and cheer them on!

Go sightseeing

Revisit old sightseeing places or find some new places you have never been. If you live in a city, take a trolley tour or an open-air bus ride. If you live near the water take a boat tour to admire the city skyline. Visit local monuments and enjoy the history and culture that makes where you live special. Plan special senior trips to see the vast world out there.

Watch the sunrise or sunset

If you are an early riser, find a nice place to sit and watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. Or maybe you aren’t a morning person and the sunset is more your style. Either way, getting out in the early morning or late evening means you will miss the heat of the day. And you’ll get to enjoy the weather with a beautiful sky.

Museum or aquarium

If it’s too hot outside, take a trip to a museum or aquarium. Take walk around the cool, air conditioned rooms and enjoy the sites. Jog your memory with history facts you use to know and strange fish you forgot existed. Keep an eye out for senior discounts!

Seniors need fun in the sun

Whatever you choose to do, the main goal is staying happy and healthy. All of these activities are low-impact and gentle on the joints so there is no reason to hold back! Don’t stay indoors the whole summer in front of your television set. Seniors should take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and have fun trying something new.