How To Be A Rockstar To An Aging Parent

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Updated 9/11/2015 10:32am | You want to support your parents as they age. You want them to keep their independence, but you also want them to stay safe. You want to be a senior superhero, or better yet a rockstar caregiver.

But what if Mom has an emergency and you aren’t there? You know that you can’t be at Mom’s side 24/7. That’s where Alert1 steps in to help. Our senior medical alert systems give you and your loved one peace of mind. You will always know that your senior will have help at a push of a button.

Far too often we hear stories about seniors falling and lying on the floor for days before they are discovered. But that won’t happen to your Mom. You are a rockstar, and you trust Alert1 Senior Medical Alerts to keep Mom safe.

How do medical alerts work?

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With her medical alert, Mom has 24/7 access to help. If there is an emergency, all she needs to do is press the help button that she wears around her neck or wrist.

When she presses her button, Mom will quickly be connected to theAlert1 Command Center. A trained operator will come on the line to speak with her and send her help. She will never feel alone with the operator’s comforting voice guiding her.

Seconds count in an emergency, and Alert1 will get her help fast.

Who is called when Mom presses her senior help button?

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When you ordered Mom’s medical alert system, you set up her Circle of Care, her list of personalized responders. We can call anyone you want - that could be you, her neighbor, or 911.

If we can’t reach one responder, we immediately call the next. That means Mom will always get help, even if you aren’t around. And we will always keep you in the loop so that you will never wait in worry for news.

Why do rockstars choose Alert1?

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  • Rated #1 Best Medical Alert by Modern Senior Magazine in 2015
  • Simple and easy to use with a low cost
  • No long-term contracts required
  • Nationwide protection with US-based Command Centers
  • Customer reviews on Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau, The Senior List, and more

Peace of mind for the whole family

Mom’s senior medical alert gives her the freedom to safely age in place. She doesn’t worry about the ‘what-ifs’ because she can always get help if something goes wrong.

Mom loves her independence, and you love knowing she is safe.

And your children? They get baking lessons, story time, family photos, and sage advice. They get more tomorrows with their grandparents. 

Rockstar caregivers know that it is important to have a backup plan. With her medical alert, you know Mom always has a guardian looking out for her. And you love that peace of mind.