10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Caregivers

Caregiver and Grandma

Does your holiday shopping list include someone who caring for an older adult at home? Or do you have your own caregiver you want to appreciate this holiday season? Let her know you are thankful for all she does with a considerate gift.

Caregivers work hard to keep those around them safe and happy. They sacrifice luxuries and work long hours. Caregivers are often underpaid for the work they do. If they are family caregivers they are not paid at all. Caregivers are selfless and put others’ needs before their own. This holiday season treat a caregiver you know to something special.

Many caregivers can all agree there are three things they need most: time, money and stress relief. If giving cash isn’t your style, try these thoughtful ideas. 

Spa Day Massage

A Spa Day

A spa day can be the perfect gift for someone who is in need of pampering. A gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure or a soul-soothing massage is just what the doctor ordered. Make sure the spa is in a convenient location and include the tip.  You don’t want your caregiver to worry about anything during her experience.

Or maybe the caregiver you want to spoil would prefer a spa gift basket for a relaxing day in at home. A basket including bath bombs, lotions, scented candles, and anything else that will help your caregiver get some needed stress relief. Just make sure to give her some time off for an opportunity to use it!

A Nice Dinner

Caregivers are always on the go. Cooking meals and picking to-go food up for those they are caring for. Your caregiver probably hasn’t been out to a nice restaurant in a while with her demanding schedule. A gift certificate for dinner for two with bottle of wine can be the perfect gift for a caregiver who needs a nice night out. 

Popcorn and Movie tickets

A Night Out

Have you heard your caregiver talking about any special events? A pair of tickets to a movie, play, or concert can be a nice way to mix it up and de-stress. For a caregiver who is always running around, a night out of fun will be refreshing.

A Clean Home

As a caregiver, time for one’s own household maintenance can often go overlooked. Caregivers spend so much time caring for everyone but themselves. A one-time intensive clean by a local cleaning company can help the caregiver you want to treat get back on track. After all, who wants to spend their day off cleaning?

Caregiver's gift basket

A Once-A-Month Treat

Reduce stress and brighten your caregiver’s day month after month! An “of-the-month club” subscription offers a surprise that your caregiver can look forward to repeatedly. These clubs offer monthly gifts of flowers, fruit, baked goods, chocolate, cheese, beer, wine, or just about anything else you can think of. Your caregiver will love this thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

A Gourmet Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love a basket of delicious food? Treat your caregiver to something special that she can indulge in. A gift basket of gourmet food that your caregiver wouldn’t normally buy herself can be an exciting treat for some pampering.  

Aromatherapy candle

Relaxing Candles

Aromatherapy candles are the perfect way to relax after a long day at work. Treat the caregiver in your life to some candles that help create a pleasant atmosphere. Aromatic smells can help destress and rejuvenate your caregiver.

Entertainment On-The-Go

A Kindle or tablet with a book app or e-reader is a great gift for a caregiver who is always on the go. Load the tablet with some books or movies that she has been talking about if you want to make this gift extra special. This is perfect if the caregiver in your life spends time waiting while caring when they go to the doctor, dentist, or anywhere else she has to wait. 

Colorful Scarves

Something Cozy

Winter is coming and your caregiver will be out in the cold traveling to work. Treat her to something cozy this holiday season. A scarf, sweater, or gloves are gifts that are personal as well as functional.  If you have noticed her favorite color, now is the perfect time to use that knowledge! When your caregiver is getting from point A to B she will stay warm and cozy.

A Letter of Appreciation

A letter of appreciation can be the most thoughtful gift there is. This personal gift can tell the caregiver in your life how much you appreciate her amazing skills. How her care and compassion brings a smile to you or your loved one’s face. Add this along with any of the above gifts mentioned to make the gift extra special. 

A Medical Alert System

pom.alert1 mecial alert systems

A medicalalert system is a great investment that you and your caregiver will love. When your caregiver is running an errand or enjoying one of your thoughtful gifts, she will feel at ease knowing you are safe. Your caregiver will love enjoying her time off with peace of mind. 

Amazing Caregivers

No matter what gift you chose the caregiver you want to treat will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Here at Alert1 Medical Systems, we would like to acknowledge the role that all types of caregivers play in people’s lives. Caregivers work hard all year round to make those around them happy. Every caregiver deserves a special thank you this holiday season.