The "New Shoes" Fall Prevention System for Seniors

Updated 8/26/16 1:54pm | Fall prevention starts with proper footwear. Well-fitting shoes worn in the home can do more to prevent falls than her medical alert system ever could. When seniors slip and fall at home, it’s often because they were barefoot or wearing socks. Older adults also fall during the night due to reduced foot traction and low visibility. It’s time to put the shoe on the other foot and stop the madness!

Why This Matters - Step into Your Mother’s Shoes

Remember when you were a kid and your mom took you with her to run errands? You would go to the supermarket, the pharmacy, the doctor’s office and the mall. At the mall you would stroll past the shoe aisle and beg her for a new pair of shoes. They had fancy brand names and even fancier price tags. Nike, Reebok, Adidas—all the cool kids had them. Your mother indulged you because she could never say no.

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Now, it’s your turn. You want your mother to age in place, in the best health possible. You already bought her a fall detection button for 24/7 access to help. But, you only want that to be a precaution. You need something for fall prevention to. Turn out a new pair of shoes might be just what she needs to stay healthy.


If the Shoe Fits – Buy It!

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Take your mother to a shoe store, preferably one that specializes in running shoes. Zombie Runner or your local running specialty store will make it easy for you. These stores feature treadmills so that the attendants can watch your mother’s gait. This helps them work with you to figure out what kind of walking style she has. Then, they will help her pick out an excellent shoe for her style of walking. The best walking shoes are those that fit her foot type, and offer arch support, flexibility, and cushioning.

Have her walk around in her new shoes to make sure they are comfortable.  Combine a sleek design with comfort and your mother is sure to keep wearing them.

Lace them up and then coach her up. Those new shoes complement Alert1’s fall detection alert system and help your aging loved ones get active

Walking - Put the best foot forward

Your mother’s new shoes will allow her to do many new activities. Exercising regularly is a great path to fall prevention. Your mom will be stronger, fitter, faster and safer while wearing her new shoes.

Walking is an excellent way for senior citizens to stay fit and active.Walking for just 20-30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Also, the exercise will help maintain a positive mood. On top of that, walking is a low-impact activity which has a strong positive effect on elder individuals’ bones. She can even catch up with friends as she tours her neighborhood.

Foot the bill - Accessorize

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Spend a little more on shoe inserts with good arch support. Removable insoles reduce foot and joint pain due to arthritis. Insoles also lessen the formation of blisters and can even reduce odor-causing bacteria.

The better they fit, the more likely she is to wear them. Make sure the insoles fit the curve of the foot. Fall prevention starts with better footwear fitting better. Your mother will be amazed at how comfortable her shoes feel! When it comes to senior style and fall prevention, mobility trumps fashionability.

Don’t Wait for the Other Shoe to Drop

I hope you’re convinced that the best fall prevention system is one you had not even considered.

Be proactive in your mother’s care. Keep her safe and independent in her home. A medical alert system will. New footwear will give her mobility and confidence as she ages in place. Leave no corners missed. She took great care of you, and she deserves the same in return.

Also, go visit and call more. Your mother misses you. We bet you’ve been running through her mind all day.