3 Reasons Why My Grandma Loves Her Alert1 Medical Alert

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My grandmother is one of my best friends. We go to church together every Sunday, and go to her favorite restaurant afterwards. I cherish my time with her every week, and as she ages my worries for her grow. Just the idea of seeing her in pain without help bothers me.

A Medical Alert Was the Answer

That’s why I brought up the topic of medical alerts to her. After some convincing, she agreed to getting one and is now aging in place. My grandma loves her medical alert because it helps her stay active, independent, and gives her peace of mind.

A Medical Alert Keeps Grandma Active and On the Go

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My grandmother is one of the strongest women I know and although she is aging, she stays active. The PAX Plus mobile medical alert helps her continue her active lifestyle without slowing her down.

  • Grandma continues to go on her daily walks around town. She loves that her mobile medical alert keeps her safe anywhere she goes. Whether she is taking a stroll at the park or hiking a local trail, she is in good hands with Alert1.
  • She can continue her daily tasks without any worry. Grandma is always working around the house. Whether it’s gardening, or doing work in the yard, she knows she has safety by her side 24/7 with her PAX Plus help button.
  • Grandma knows her PAX Plus pendant will protect her outdoors. One of her friends recently slipped and fell in a puddle so Grandma understands that accidents can occur anywhere unexpectedly. With her PAX Plus help button, she can get help no matter what happens. 

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Grandma Now Lives Independently with Her Medical Alert

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My grandmother has lived in her home for 50 years, and wants to keep living there. So that's why a medical alert was the perfect answer for independent living. Her PAX Plus medical alert helps her by allowing her to age in place in her lifelong home.

  • Her medical alert allowed her to avoid assisted living. Grandma didn’t like the idea of living amongst strangers in an unfamiliar place. Her medical alert is allowing her to age in place comfortably in her home for as long as possible.
  • Grandma no longer feels like a burden. After getting her a medical alert, it made her feel more independent since I was checking in less knowing she was safe 24/7. Now she can remain independent at home, and if an accident occurs help will be notified fast.
  • She can walk around the house without fear. Just the other night she woke up to use the bathroom and caught herself after a small slip in the hallway. Although it startled her, she knew that PAX Plus would have came to the rescue if she fell.

Grandma’s Medical Alert Gives Her Peace of Mind

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The last thing I want is for my grandmother to have an accident, but I bought a medical alert as a safety measure for her. My grandma’s medical alert helps her by giving peace of mind.

  • PAX mobile fall detection sensed her fall. It wasn’t nasty fall, but she loved the reliability it provided by sensing the fall and calling for help anyways. It made her realize that even in the worst situation, she will be in safe hands.
  • She can get help even if she does not respond. She loves that her Alert1 pendant can get her help, even if she is knocked unconscious and unable to respond. Fortunately this didn’t happen when she fell, but she would have been in safe hands.
  • Grandma loves that her Circle of Care has multiple contacts to notify before contacting EMS. With her customizable Circle of Care, she is able to choose her responders in an emergency. Whether it be family, neighbors, friends, or EMS, she knows she will get help.

Grandma’s Medical Alert Gives Me Peace of Mind

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The last thing I want is for any harm to happen to my grandma. I would rather visit her in her home as she ages in place than visit her in a hospital room. Knowing that I am the only family member who lives near her makes me feel responsible if anything were to happen. With Alert1, I have a weight off my shoulders knowing that Grandma is in safe hands even when I’m not there. 

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Now Grandma Can Live to See More Tomorrows

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To this day, my grandma is one of the strongest women I know. She is a prime example that age is just a number, and her medical alert allows her live safe and sound. She is one of my best friends and it would pain me to see her struggle in any way. Thankfully with Alert1 medical alert systems, she can age in place and live to see more tomorrows with me.

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