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How a Medical Alert Empowered My Grandma

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My grandma is the definition of an independent woman. She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. No words can express how much I look up to this tiny, strong-willed 80-year-old woman.

 "Nothing bad happens at 80," my grandma always said. But this year, she had a few accidents. They were mild falls, but what if she ends up in the hospital next time? I had to get protection for my grandma without sacrificing her independence.

Getting My Grandma 24/7 Protection

Then I though of the perfect solution: medical alerts. Medical alerts are devices that get you emergency help when you press a button. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the 24/7 monitoring sold me.

For my grandma's free spirit, I chose the PAX Plus Home and Mobile Fall Detection System. This medical alert was the only product that could adapt to my grandma’s ever-changing lifestyle in minutes. Here are the three main ways the PAX Plus system keeps my grandma protected. 

Grandma is Safe at Home

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Most of her accidents happened within her own home. Scary, right? Her home should be the safest place in the world, yet that’s where she fell. Not only that, my grandma lives alone, half an hour away from the rest of the family.

So how does PAX Plus protect her when she’s home alone?

  • The all-inclusive system is a convenient home base unit. The PAX Plus unit is small enough to sit on any coffee table, yet loud enough for her hear the operator from anywhere in her home.

  • Grandma doesn’t have to stay in one room. She can wear the small help pendant around her neck and move freely around the house. Even in the kitchen, the shower, the backyard—she’s protected everywhere in her home.

  • Help is just a button press away. Grandma knows she can sleep in peace with a medical alert by her side. No matter what happens, help will always come to her.

Grandma Exercises in Peace

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My grandma likes to stay active. Every afternoon, she walks the secluded trail behind her neighborhood. I worry that someone won’t find her if she has an accident on the trail.

When my grandma exercises, the PAX Plus medical alert system helps her in several ways. 

  • Grandma can go everywhere. PAX Plus transforms into a mobile medical alert. After charging the medical alert, she doesn’t have to stay home. She can take it wherever she goes.  
  • Advanced GPS technology ensures Grandma always gets help. Even if she can't press the button, the medical alert will detect her fall and send help to her location.
  • The mobile medical alert is light and easy to wear. She can wear it as a pendant around her neck with comfort and ease. Grandma can still walk the same trail everyday with the protection she deserves. 

Grandma Travels with Protection

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My grandma is the family adventurer. If she finds a new place to explore, she will book her ticket a minute later. We wouldn't mind if she went on senior group trips, but my grandma loves solo adventures. That means there’s not always someone watching over her.

To keep Grandma independent and safe, PAX Plus lets her travel freely in these key ways.

  • The all-inclusive unit has nationwide coverage. The medical alert service protects my grandma in all 50 states. She can go wherever she wants, knowing she will be safe and sound.
  • The medical alert lasts all day. The PAX Plus medical alert lasts 24 hours between charges. Grandma can safely explore new cities all day long.
  • Grandma gets unlimited button pushes for help. She could be in Yosemite and press for help as many times as she wants with no extra charges. Even if she presses a hundred times, help will always come to her aid. 

My Thoughts on Medical Alert Systems

I have to be honest: I did not trust medical alerts in the beginning. What if she never uses it? My mind told me PAX Plus was a waste of money, but my gut told me to keep it around.

I was right to trust my gut.

Five days after getting PAX Plus, my grandma had a terrible accident. She was gardening in her backyard when she had a heart attack. Even when she fell and could not tell the operator what was wrong, the medical alert signaled for help. I was relieved that help came her way and took her to the hospital. Minutes after she got help, an operator informed me about the fall.  

I’m so grateful to have the PAX Plus medical alert system around for my grandma. I see it as an investment for Grandma’s health. The reassurance is priceless.

What’s best? My grandma can still do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. This time, she has a medical alert to give her peace of mind.