Medical Alerts vs. Cell Phones: Which Keeps You Safer?


Updated 7/20/17 3:34pm | Are you having a difficult time choosing between a medical alert and a cell phone? This is a common dilemma for many seniors. While cell phones are great and innovative pieces of technology, they can’t do what a medical alert can. When you buy a cell phone, you don’t just get a phone. You get a camera, media player, web browser, and more.

Although these features are fun, they become useless in the event of an emergency. Despite all it can do, a cell phone lacks the reliability and peace of mind that a medical alert offers. Alert1 medical alerts are made with you in mind. Our medical alerts provide a promise to keep you safe. 

That’s why we made this list of ways a medical alerts trumps cell phones. After reading this, you’ll want to get your alert in no time.

Never Be Alone With the Alert1 Command Center

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With a medical alert, you won’t need to remember all your personal info during an emergency. Alert1 securely stores all your information on file so our Command Center can focus on getting help to you as fast as possible.

  • When you push your button, you get linked to our TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Center.

    Our operators are multilingual in over 190 languages and available 24/7, keeping you safe at all times.
  • The operator contacts somebody from your personalized Circle of Care. The Circle of Care is your customized contact list for an emergency.

    You personalize whom we contact in an emergency, whether that is a neighbor, a family member, or 911.
  • Command Center operators tell emergency responders how to enter your home. Alert1 will keep details about hidden keys on file.

    Or, purchase an Alert1 lock box and we will keep its code securely on file. This lets EMS reach you without breaking the door or window. 

Stay Protected With State-of-The-Art Fall Detection

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Cell phones have many features, but fall detection isn’t one of them. Fall detection senses the sudden movement of a fall and automatically calls for help so you don’t have to. 

  • You don’t need to press your button after a fall with automatic fall detection. You never know when a fall will happen, and you may get knocked unconscious.

    Your fall detection pendant will automatically contact the Command Center after a fall. This gives you peace of mind 24/7, since you know help will come to you.   
  • If you don’t respond, we will send help. You fall and hit your head, and find you can’t speak. A cell phone can’t help you in this situation, but an Alert1 fall detection pendant will.

    The Command Center follows the customized Circle of Care even when they don’t receive a response from you.
  • Bring GPS technology with you everywhere. Once your Kelsi Pro or PAX Plus pendant senses a fall or you press the button, it activates the GPS technology to find your exact location.

    This gives you the security of knowing we will send help to you quickly, regardless of whether you know your location or not.
  • Fall detection works at home or on the go. When you do activities outdoors, clip your Kelsi Pro or PAX Plus pendant to your belt, or wear it as a necklace. At home, place the PAX Plus in its cradle to charge, and wear the compact home pendant.

    In the evening, strap on the wristband to sleep safe throughout the night. Whether you are aging in place, or living an on-the-go lifestyle, Alert1 has you covered.

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Fast and Simple in Your Time of Need

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With a cell phone, you have to press many buttons before you can make a call. This wastes precious time in an emergency.

With an Alert1 medical alert, you simply press one button for fast assistance.

  • A medical alert requires just one push of the help button. With a single button press, the Command Center operator will come on the line and ask if you need help.

    They have all your info and will stay on the line with you until help arrives, making sure you get the care you need.
  • When an accident happens, you don’t have time to search for a cell phone. With a medical alert, you will never waste time like you would with a cell phone.

    You can keep your alert worn around your neck or wrist at all times, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing it.
  • Your medical alert is waterproof and gets you quick assistance after a fall in the bathroom. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in a home for slips and falls.

    When you slip and fall in the shower, a cell phone won’t be able to help you. Alert1’s help buttons are waterproof, and get you the care you need.

    Even if you slip and fall on a wet bathroom floor, you’ll get immediate help with a medical alert.

A Medical Alert Is the Way To Go

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At Alert1 it’s our top priority to provide medical alerts that will get you the help you need during an emergency. Cell phones are great for staying in contact with the grandkids, but not so good in emergencies. Plus, an Alert1 medical alert system is cheaper than Life Alert costs.

Choosing between a medical alert and a cell phone is more than just choosing what’s cooler, it’s about choosing what is most useful during an emergency. A medical alert system will ensure a quick and reliable response, and that makes all the difference in an emergency. Would you rather live with risk, or live with peace of mind? Get your medical alert today!

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