Keeping Up With Grandma: An Alert1 Story

My grandma is a spitfire. Always full of grit, she shoes her horses and climbs apple trees during harvest season. But last season, she fell out of one of her trees and broke her hip. I didn’t feel safe with her climbing trees unprotected—that’s why I got her an Alert1 medical alert system

Grandma Can Climb With Ease

Grandma and granddaughter next to tree

I wanted to make sure that I found the perfect alert for my grandma. After reviewing the different options, I chose Alert1’s Kelsi Pro mobile medical alert. The Kelsi Pro help button keeps Grandma safe while supporting her independence. Grandma now climbs her apple trees without worry. The Kelsi Pro medical alert protects Grandma with:

  • Automatic fall detection. After a fall, Alert1’s Command Center is automatically notified. She will still get help even when she can’t press her button.
  • Standard response protocol. No matter the emergency, Alert1 will follow the response protocol I set up. Grandma doesn’t have to think about who needs to come to her aid.
  • Customization of responders. I was able to choose who the Command Center calls before 911. I wanted Alert1 to call me first.
  • Trained operators who stay on the line. Grandma talks when she’s nervous. In an emergency, Alert1 stays on the line with her until help arrives. 

Grandma Stays Hands Free

grandma on porch

Not one to fuss about her appearance, I’ve never seen Grandma wear a piece of jewelry in her life. That’s why she likes that the Kelsi Pro is discrete. Grandma doesn’t have to fret when she wears her Kelsi Pro because:

  • The fall detection senses falls. The automatic fall detection watches out for her while it’s clipped to her hip.
  • It’s practically designed. Grandma loves how discreet it is to wear.  The alert is lightweight and functional without drawing attention.
  • The Kelsi Pro help button is water resistant. Grandma’s hands stay free to muck stalls in the rain without risking her safety.

Grandma’s Free to Travel

grandma on bench in desert

Always great with directions, Grandma would scoff at us having to read a map. But now that she’s older, it’s harder for her to orient herself. If she ever finds herself out beyond the orchard, the Kelsi Pro pendant will be there to get her home. Grandma moves freely thanks to:

  • GPS Location Technology. Grandma travels without fear since Kelsi Pro makes sure that help can always find her, no matter where she is.
  • Cellular tower backup. Along with GPS, the Kelsi Pro medical alert uses the same cellular location technology as 911. Grandma has double protection for any emergency.
  • Easy portability. The small design of her medical alert makes it easy to carry with her wherever she goes.
  • No landline to tie her down. Grandma’s not going to sit in the house. The Kelsi Pro's use of mobile cellular service keeps her moving outdoors. 

Grandma Stays Connected

Grandma with friends on bench

Before I got her the mobile medical alert, Grandma never made an effort to see her friends. Now she can’t wait to see her friend Julie to swap medical alert stories. She’s even started talking to the gentleman at the supermarket who liked the look of her medical alert. Her Kelsi Pro pendant keeps her:

  • Engaged with her community. Now that she has a medical alert, Grandma knows she’s not alone. She can share her stories with a likeminded community.
  • In touch with her family. I was never able to get a hold of Grandma unless I rang her doorbell. Now Grandma calls me every Friday from her neighbor’s phone to share a medical alert story.
  • Scheduled to see her doctor. I added Grandma’s doctor to her Circle of Care. He’s always notified in an emergency, and will let me know when she misses an appointment.
  • Connected in times of need. The button keeps her connected when it matters most. Without her medical alert, Grandma would be stranded in an emergency. 

Grandma’s Peace of Mind is My Peace of Mind

Grandma on Ferris Wheel

Alert1’s Kelsi Pro mobile medical alert has changed the relationship that I have with Grandma. After her surgery, she didn’t talk to me for three weeks since I was “worrying so gosh-darned much.”

After buying the medical alert for her, I’ve started worrying less. I let her know how much I cared about her safety with a medical alert. Now we spend Saturdays together making apple pie from scratch. Be sure to inform yourself with this comparison grid for Life Alert costs before buying any system or device.

Grandma Knows We Are There for Her

grandma and granddaughter

I was always nervous when apple harvest season came around, but now I don’t need to stress. Thanks to Alert1, Grandma’s gone back to her regular schedule. And I enjoy the peace of mind knowing that she will always be safe.