How Living With a Pet Will Benefit Dad

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Updated 08/09/2017 3:42pm | Have you ever heard the phrase, “Dogs act like their owners?” Well, many people say this because since dogs and humans get along so well, they end up sharing personality traits with each other. It’s no surprise that dogs are called man’s best friend.

But it’s not only dogs that get along so well with humans. Pets in general are excellent companions to everybody, especially seniors like Dad. Pet’s help seniors improve their overall mood, health, and quality of life. Read on to learn the many benefits seniors get from owning a pet, and why your elderly loved one should live with a pet.

Pets Give Seniors Companionship and Friendship

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Whatever your age, a pet’s friendship will provide a special companionship that is hard to match. This companionship becomes more important for Dad as he grows older. The companionship and friendship of a pet will benefit Dad by:

  • Providing him with unconditional love and affection. People love pets because they are loyal, loving creatures throughout their entire lives. Once Dad owns a pet, he will build an immediate connection and friendship. His pet will never judge him, live to love, and always make him feel needed.
  • Giving him a special bond to look forward to each day. Everyone needs to love and feel loved. Owning and caring for a pet will give Dad a sense of belonging and meaning. His animal companion will give him another reason for living, and something to look forward to each and every day.
  • Establishing a sense of security. For seniors who live alone, the company of a pet will make them feel like they aren't alone. Another plus is that they can provide seniors with a sense of protection. A dog can act as a guard dog against intruders. Even if it isn’t a big or frightening dog, barking will deter potential intruders. Pair this with an Alert1 pendant, and Dad will have the perfect formula to stay safe at home. 

A Pet Will Improve Dad’s Outlook on Life

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Have you ever noticed how pet owners are always in a good mood, or how you feel better when you are with your pet? Well that is because pets can greatly improve their owner’s attitude on life, and even more for seniors. Living with a pet can improve Dad’s outlook on life because it will:

  • Prevent and cure loneliness and depression. Many seniors live alone for personal reasons, and might feel lonely or depressed. Although an Alert1 medical alert provides peace of mind when you love alone, it can’t combat isolation. But pets do! They provide love and loyalty, which makes all the difference when feeling down.
  • Distract him from hardships of life. With age comes physical problems, loss, and hardships. Dad’s new animal friend will give him something else to worry about if times are tough. It will help him focus on something other than medical problems, loss, or negative outcomes of aging.
  • Reduce stress levels. A pet’s love and companionship helps decrease stress, and improve a person’s mood. If Dad is feeling stressed, sad, or upset, his animal friend’s love will make him feel better. His companion’s presence during a stressful situation can be very therapeutic. Petting his animal may seem enjoyable for the pet, but doing so will relax and de-stress Dad as well.


Living with a Pet Will Improve Dad’s Health

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The benefits of seniors owning a pet doesn’t end with the psychological benefits. Pets improve the physical health of seniors too. But how can an animal help with a seniors health? It’s not as complicated as you think. Living with a pet will improve your elderly parent’s health because they:

  • Encourage exercise and physical activity. As Dad ages, exercise becomes more vital to his health. A pet will encourage him to get moving and go outside. If he owns a dog, he’ll need to take it out for walks. These walks are a great way for him to achieve his recommended level of activity. With an Alert1 Kelsi mobile help button,he will stay protected while out on walks with his dog.
  • Lower their risk of heart disease by helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol. But how can pets do that? Exercise is directly related to lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity. Since pets encourage seniors to exercise, their risk of potential heart disease decreases.
  • Aid with disabilities by being their assistant and companion. If Dad has a disability, a service dog can help him with day-to-day activities. Service dogs have special training to help seniors with tasks they might be limited to from a physical condition. So if Dad has a physical disability, a visual or hearing impairment, or even dementia—his service dog will help him through it

Get Dad a Pet Today

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As Dad lives his golden years, living with a pet companion can be the perfect way to help him age in place. They are kind, caring, and provide owners with countless mental and physical benefits. Alert1 recommends seniors to have not only a medical alert by their side, but also a pet companion!

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