Living to 100: How These Seniors Did It

Who’s to say you can’t live past 100? More and more our society heralds people who are turning 100 years old. We found some thriving 100 year olds that want to share their secrets! For more info and tips on looking younger, read our related post here

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We take a page from the “senior experts” themselves on reaching the 100 year mark. Their profiles below impart knowledge and tips on growing to a ripe old age.

Hands of Time 

Mr. and Mrs. Veillard

Duranord and Jeanne Veillard hail from Haiti. What’s remarkable is the fact that both are each over 100 years old. They saw the whole transition from the 20th century into the 21st century! The couple is celebrating 82 years of marriage with loving children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

So what exactly is their secret? The Veillards swear by a special diet of oatmeat and fresh fruit for breakfast. Duranord starts the day with a regiment of pushups to keep active. Fish and vegetables are on the menu for lunch and dinner, supplemented with cups of tea. They establish the importance daily naps and a firm belief in God.

The two remain healthy and mentally aware. Aside from the occasional doctor visit, they spend most of the time at home.

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fitness - push ups

Mrs. Okawa

Misao Okawa holds the Guiness World Record title as the world’s oldest person. Okawa was born in Japan back in 1898. Few can claim to witness three centuries here on Earth! At 117 years old, Okawa trumps the lifespan of Japanese women (around 85.9 years). Defining the Okawa legacy are three children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

The Japanese people are known for their longer than average lifespans. So what exactly is the secret to becoming the oldest woman in the world? When asked, she’ll state “I wonder about that too”, as reported by The Associated Press. We do know Okawa averages eight hours of sleep per night and she eats three large meals throughout the day. Her favorite meal is mackerel on vinegar-steamed rice!

Okawa is a resident at the Kurenai Nursing home in Osaka, Japan. The facility reports that she is slowing in recent months and experiences difficulties hearing. Although Okawa lives in a nursing home, she and countless others are able to use medical alert systems! Our service notifies your family and emergency contacts of a crisis, wherever you live. Do you also have difficulties hearing? Even if you’re not able to communicate with our emergency operators, we still respond and send aid. 

sushi meal

Mrs. Mitchell

Sally Mitchell embodies the splendor and health of someone half her age. The shocking part is she’s currently 111 years old!

Mitchell grew up on a farm with her four siblings. She now lives in a nursing home in California. Mitchell has a daughter who brought forth three grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

Mitchell claims a farm-fresh diet without pesticides and hormones extended her life. Mitchell made it a point to avoid anxiety. You might not have grown up on a farm with organic produce, but the one factor you can control are the stressors in your life. You too can extend your years with consistent and practical routines.

After all these years, Mrs. Mitchell hasn’t taken any medications. Nowadays missed medications attribute to 10% of all hospital admissions. Getting immediate help is essential to avoid life threatening medication issues. Our medication reminders will help you keep on track with your medication.

fresh produce

The Hands of Time

We all want to make more memories, share precious moments and live with the ones that matter to us. That’s why seniors today living past 100 years are an inspiration.

With an ever growing aging population we must resolve to grow in care and support. Alert1’s primary cause is to guide you through your golden years. We wish you continued health and happiness as you grow older. You can rely on Alert1 when you need a helping hand.