7 Secret Celebrity Habits to Help Seniors Age in Place Better

Updated 8/5/2019 4:26pm | When Alert1 hears news of “falling stars” we don’t think of making wishes. Our first reflex is to determine whether or not they have a fall detection medical alert pendant! All jokes aside, our world is aging. Today's celebrities have their fair share of incidents. However, senior celebrities still know best how to rock the world.

From collecting what you love to training your palate, these seven habits of senior celebrities are a must-have if you want to age in place in the best possible way.   

Never Act Your Age

Morgan Freeman. Alert1 Medical Alerts


Featured heavily in the newest Batman trilogy, Morgan Freeman has a mindset that is a great start at making aging in place a blast. During an interview, Morgan Freeman shared his philosophy that people should never act their age. He said that, “Age is a state of mind. I must be at least 30 by now,” even though his physical age then was at least 70. You never have to look your age if you keep a youthful state of mind. Adopting this mindset allows you to break mental constraints hindering you from living life to the fullest as a senior.  

Fill Your Empty Days

Meryl Streep. Alert1 Medical Alerts


Believe that you have nothing to do during the day? Meryl Streep has something just for you. This three-time winner of the Academy Awards believes that “our days are empty unless we fill them.”

Following this philosophy will get you to not just let your days stay empty. Becoming proactive about filling your days is important for seniors. And when you begin filling your days, you can start living life to the fullest when aging in place.


Collect What You Love

Elton John. Alert1 Medical Alerts


Now that you’ve adopted Meryl Streep’s philosophy of filling your days, how do you fill them? One way is by collecting what you love! Sir Elton John loves photography and has been acquiring photographs ever since 1990. In fact, Elton John has so many photographs that he has an 18,500 square foot area set aside for just them.

While you don't need to collect as avidly as Elton John, you can fill your days collecting objects you love. They can range from old stamps to oddly shaped twigs. Go after collecting whatever you love. Be sure you keep the receipts to return objects or gifts you hate!

Eat Nutritious Food

Clint Eastwood. Alert1 Medical Alerts


To age in place well, you must maintain good health. Spaghetti Western star Clint Eastwood does just that. Eastwood always eats plenty of fruits, vegetables, and vitamins. He also avoids sugary beverages, excessive alcohol, and too many carbohydrates. These eating habits will not only help you stay fit, but also helps reduce the risk of major cardiovascular diseases. Many senior celebrities follow various longevity diets to take care of themselves.


Tie the Sack Before It’s Full

Chuck Norris. Alert1 Medical Alerts


Epic actor Chuck Norris employs another eating habit that will allow you to enjoy better health when you age in place. Chuck’s habit is to restrain your mouth and stomach. This means to stop eating before feeling full, as studies show that you are often full before you feel it. This small habit will allow you to stay fit, which will significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases. They include senior onset diabetes and heart disease. 

Exercise Everyday

Martha Stewart. Alert1 Medical Alerts


Although an extremely busy woman, Martha Stewart never fails to exercise about an hour every day. This exercise not just helps Martha stay in shape, but also helped her return to work five days after back surgery. Activities and exercises for seniors are essential for overall well being. Daily exercise also helps seniors to age in place because it prevents cognitive decline and makes us all happier. Furthermore, seniors can combat bone-loss, frailty, arthritis, and other chronic diseases.


Oprah Winfrey. Alert1 Medical Alerts


Oprah Winfrey is a successful and busy lady. She has aged in place well with the help of a daily 20-minute meditation session. Oprah herself said that meditation helps her feel a sense of hope, commitment, and joy, as it is a constant in her hectic life. Make meditation a constant in your aging in place too. Meditation has also been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. A few deep breaths and quiet minutes each day could make all the difference. Meditation is an important form of alternative medicinal therapy for seniors